My Top 7 Free online photo editors

Free online photo editors are online tools that let you edit and manipulate images to suit your needs and designs. Banners, postcards, photos can be edited, adjusted and filtered using free online image editors and today I want to share my top 7 free online image editors with you. With free online photo editors, you can create your own animated gifs, resize, filter, rotate, flip crop avatars and images online right from your browser. The method normally involves uploading an image and editing it online. After you must have edited it to your taste you can download the edited image for your use. Making beautiful digital artworks and photos just got easier with free online photo editors.

Top 7 Free Online Photo Editors:

Pixiz: Pixiz is a free online photo editor that offers high quality image editing. At Pixiz you can add your photos to different objects and locations and create a funny photo montage and you can also customize e-cards.

Photoshop Express Editor: Photoshop Express Editor is an online app for the Photoshop desktop app. Just like the desktop app, the online app is a tool you can use to edit images online. You can crop, straighten, adjust color, add effects and borders etc to make a great image.

FotoFlexer: FotoFlexer is a yet another tool to edit images online. This is my favorite free online photo editor. So many people are writing awesome reviews about this app on the internet. It has lots of visual effects, so call it the most advanced online digital photo editor you won’t be too far away from the truth. Unlike some other image editor apps, FotoFlexer does not require you to create an account before you can start using it. Photos can be uploaded from your PC, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Piscasa etc and edited right there on your browser without having to install any application on your computer. You can print or share photos to your social networking sites.

Pixlr: Pixlr is a free online photo editor that lets you edit, adjust and filter your images. No registration is needed to use this online app. Simply upload your image and edit it right there on your browser. Customize your image with the numerous tools provided by this app.

iPiccy: iPiccy is a photo editor with powerful editing tools that allows you to edit images and make your photos beautiful. You can apply effects and can even write text on the photos all for free. I like this app because its very easy to use.

Dumpr: Whenever I want to make funny pictures I use Dumpr. Dumpr is a simple-to-use online photo editor that allows you to create and share photos with your friends. Simply choose an effect, upload your photo and save on your or share with your friends.

EnjoyPic: Add funny photo effects to your pictures using EnjoyPic. EnjoyPic is an online photo editing tool that allows you to customize/edit images using templates on the app. Simply choose an effect, upload picture and save result. It’s so easy to use. There are so many templates on the site. Check it out.

There are other free online photo editors like picnik, flauntR, Splashupand many more…most of them use same principle the only difference may be on the layout, templates and tools. I hope you enjoy using them to edit and customize your images online without having to install and app on your computer.

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