My Top 5 Download managers: Download without interruptions

Everyone knows how frustrating interruptions during downloads could be especially when it is a heavy file you have been downloading and just at 99.9% the connection goes off. In one of my previous blog posts Internet download manager: “How to download without interruption” I discussed how you can use download managers to download without interruptions.  The best part of using download managers to download is that you can pause; resume, schedule, queue or search downloads at anytime. You don’t have to lose your downloads at 99.9% anymore just because you lost internet connection or your computer lost power.

So I want to discuss my top 5 download managers with you today, so you won’t have to lose your downloads anymore. Downloads are normally made from multiple nodes when you are using download managers to download and thereby make download faster. Now let’s get started….

Top 5 Download Managers:

Internet Download Manager: This is my best download manager/accelerator. IDM can increase download speeds by up to 5 times. You can resume downloads on interruption or even schedule downloads. The interface is quite simple and easy to understand. IDM supports proxy servers, IDM can split the file you want to download into 16 parts and download them faster, then reassemble them on completion of download. IDM is my best download manager for its ability to grab and streaming multimedia and prompt for download.

Orbit Downloader: Orbit download manager was my best download manager before I met internet download manager, it’s currently my second best download manager, I still call on it when I need it and it still delivers as always. Its best feature is its ability to grab embedded flash video files from sites like Metacafe, Youtube, Dailymotion etc. Orbit downloader just like IDM above accelerates download and supports proxy servers as well.

Download Accelerator Plus: That I did not make DAP my number 1 or 2 download manager does not make it any less fast in downloading that the previous two. DAP is a very fast download manager. It splits files into multiple parts to easily download it and rebuilds it on completion of download. Its Speedbit Video accelerator gives it an edge when it comes to video downloads from video hosting sites like Youtube and others alike.

Free Download Manager: FDM is an easy-to-use download manager/accelerator. FDM increases download speeds by splitting the files into sections and downloading them simultaneously. FDM has the ability to resume downloads on interruptions so you won’t have to start downloading from the beginning again. It can also download videos from video hosting sites like Youtube, Metacafem Dailymotion etc. You can either save the video in  its original .flv format or convert it to any other video format of your choice.

DownThemAll: DownThemAll Is a Firefox extension that adds new advance capability to the Firefox browser. With DownThemAll you can pause and resume downloads at any time. DownThemAll allows its users to download all the links, images or embedded objects contained in a webpage. It also downloads by multi-part just like the other download managers discussed above. That way it increases download speed and rebuilds the file on completion of download. You can simply choose the links you want to download and the ones you want to ignore.

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  1. evan says

    Thank you so much. honestly i stopped downloading things from the internet cos of this. tnx

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