Manage process on Google Chrome with Google Chrome Task Manager

With the advancement in browser technology most browsers can now contain multiple tabs. Multiple tabs that run independent of the others and have made browsing experience awesome you must agree with me. But then that is not all there is to multiple tabs on Google Chrome browser. Every tab is a process and as such consumes memory. You may be running unnecessary processes without knowing and this may be slowing down your browser. Extensions, apps and Plugins running on your browser also consumes memory, while some may be needed at every point in time, some others may not be needed.

With Google Chrome Task Manager you can monitor and manage the amount of memory taken up by any process. The amount of CPU used and network activities can also be monitored and managed.

How to manage processes on Google Chrome with Google Chrome task Manager:

I have already pointed out the tasks that can be accomplished with Google Chrome task manager, but how do we get started? The Task Manager in Google Chrome is very similar to that of Windows Task Manager in that memory, CPU usage and network activities can be monitored, and can also be used to end any process.

There are two ways to open the Google Chrome Task Manager, first is to click on the “wrench icon” in the upper right hand corner of your Google Chrome browser and choose Tools>>Task Manager from the dropdown menu. Next is to use the keyboard shortcut (Shift+ESC).


To view more information on any item you choose, right click on the item on the Task manager list and the options/ menu containing the information of the checked items will be displayed in columns.

To end any process or kill any webpage, simply click on the item and click “End Process” button under.
Warning: Sometimes multiple websites might share a single process, depending on how you opened them.

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