Long tail keywords, features and how to find one

Long Tail Keywords are simply a type of keyword phrase with as much as three to five words in the phrase and are collectively more specific than a single keyword. Long tail keywords are more likely to convert to sales than shorter keywords, more generic because it has less competition. Most long tail keyword searchers are specifically looking for products/services to purchase. Webmasters/bloggers can also use long tail keyword to refine search terms to their web pages.

Let’s take for instance these two keywords “Sony TV” and “Sony Bravia TV BX31 22inches”, which of the two do you think a searcher who is really interested in buying an LCD TV will be searching for? The later of course, long tail keywords produce specific results and targeted traffic. The traffic may not be as much as the former but it is also less competitive.

Features of a Perfect Long Tail Keyword:

A perfect long tail keyword should be able to have the following features;

Competition: Long tail keywords normally have less competition compared to general keywords in broad searches but should be able to have a little competition to ensure a good PPC amount so you won’t be wasting your time ranking for it.

Conversion: A good long tail keyword should be able to sell your products; you won’t want to rank for a long tail keyword that doesn’t convert to sales. So any log tail keyword you are settling for should have a good conversion rate.

Traffic: What is the essence of ranking for a long tail keyword that won’t drive a good amount of targeted traffic to your website? While some long tail keywords can produce a monthly traffic of 300 visits some may not boast of 10 visits in a whole month. My advice is don’t waste your time on long tail keywords that can generate a good amount of traffic.

Ranking: A good long tail keyword should be easy to rank for, having in mind that people who search by using long tail keywords are mostly likely to become buyers we should strive to be at the fore-front of such keyword easily else don’t waste your time because such searcher may not wait to check inner pages of the search since the first result will give him exactly what he is looking for.

Relevance: A perfect long tail keyword must have relevance to the content you are applying it on. That relevance must be maintained, so choose a keyword that best matches your products or services so as to stand a greater chance of converting. Let the keyword naturally suit your content.

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How to find long tail keywords:

Most small businesses or start-ups face the challenges of competing to rank for competitive keywords and often times get lost on the inner pages of search engine results. My advice is target long tail keywords, that’s because it is less competitive and more specific and can make a huge difference. Aggregately ranking for several long tail keywords can add up to the majority of your site’s search-driven traffic.

But often times we don’t know how to find long tail keywords to rank for so I intend to share with you some great methods to find the perfect long tail keywords.

Search Engine Suggest: Have you ever tried to search for something on Google or any other search engine and as you are typing more terms are suggested in your search for you? Even search engines understand the importance of long tail keywords in producing refined and better results?

Long tail keywords, features and how to find one

These suggested terms are actually what people are searching for, Google and other search engines store the data of every search ever made on them and use such data to suggest search terms whenever we are searching for same or related query.

Keyword Research Tools: Keyword research tools are great for keyword researches and so should be used every time we are researching keywords to rank for but no particular keyword research tool could boast of having it all so I advise you to use several keyword research tools like WordStream Keyword tool, Google keyword Tool, Google Trends, Youtube Keyword Tool and Twitter searches etc.

Analytics: Most times the long tail keywords that attract visitors to our site may not have been targeted in any web page in our site, so thoroughly going through your site’s analytics can reveal such keywords to target. Simply write around such long tail keywords to drive even more targeted traffic to your site.

Google Related Searches: Another effective method to gain a good insight into long tail keywords to rank for when it comes to how to find long tail keywords is the Google related searches. Often times Google show related searches at the bottom of the search result page.

Google related searches

Note both Google suggestions and related searches are no guarantee for volume, you still need to carry out more research using keyword research tools. You can simply use such data as a source of inspiration to finding the perfect long tail keywords.

Solve real life problems: Solving real life problems searched by people is also another effective way of coming up with a good long tail keyword. People are looking for solutions to problems directly on Google, so if you can solve such problems using the exact query as your long tail keywords there is a good chance people looking for solutions to such problems will arrive at your site.

Target several keywords with a post: Targeting several keywords with a post and fitting them into the title and content of a post can help you rank for several phrases with just one post.  A practical example is this post with three keywords;

  1. Long tail keywords
  2. Features of long tail keywords
  3. How to find long tail keywords.

Look at how I fitted those three into my title and content. This article can as well rank for any of the three. Try to make your title sound natural and fit in perfectly so your audience can understand the message you are trying to pass. Do not stuff your title and content with key-phrases and sound like robots, remember you are writing for humans.

How to use Long tail Keywords:

Once you have found the perfect long tail keywords, create new content or better still optimize already existing contents on your sites for such keywords. Though I will always favor creating new contents because the more contents you have the more chances you have of ranking for different keywords and another thing to consider while optimizing an existing post is that it may lose its ranking for the keyword it was already ranking for.

So simply create useful and valuable content around the long tail keyword you have found, optimize your post very well and you will easily rank for such keywords. Avoid targeting long tail keywords that are not related to the content you have so as not to get banned by Google or seem irrelevant to your customers.


  1. says

    Excellent post,thanks! We will be utilising some of your ideas on our new site which needs to build more traffic and will let you know how we get on.Will also be following you on Twitter)

  2. Webdev1 says

    Long tail keywords is very effective due to less competition, accuraccy and if it so lucky we can gain more engagement such as comments for the next blog. Because it is very specific. But the long tail keyword can be difficult to incorporate in the blog’s content. And it has less traffic potential than generic keywords.
    However, long tail keyword has higher conversion rate, more likely to seel products.

  3. says

    Yes long tail keyword may be difficult to integrate so i advise you get your keyword first then plan the post around it that way you can find ways to integrate it better. Thanks for leaving a comment on both Bizsugar and here.

  4. says

    Hey Nwosu Mavtrevor,
    Long tail keywords really best way to rank on search engine as i have tried this method in my blog and i use to try with long tail keyword tool which gives me more option of keywords to optimize my content between got some points from your post too thanks for sharing it

  5. says

    Running a Google search provides me with plenty of long tail ideas. Great post Nwosu!

    My fave tip? Running analytics. A few days ago I noted a visitor showing up through an ask.com search. I topped the search engine for a hyper competitive home business phrase.

    I also have placed well on Google by using long tails I ranked for…the funny part? I never intended to rank for these terms….happened by accident lol….but then I took the accident and capitalized on it by using similar long tails in the future.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    Thanks Ryan for sharing your experience this is a strategy i use always, when i see such long tail keywords on my analytics i immediately swing into action, research it and if it is viable because not all are as i explained in the features of a perfect long tail keyword, i build a post around it and immediately rank for it.

  7. says

    Google Search is perfect way to search long tail keywords. I never noticed on related searches.
    Thanks for nice tips bro

  8. says

    Wow. now that’s interesting. I’m certainly gonna start leveraging the benefits of long tail keywords. thanks bro

  9. says

    Long tail keywords are my favorite..with just little bit work you’ll be able to grap the top slot of Google for such keywords…that’s really cool..but we should target such long tail keywords that have search impact and convertion probability, otherwise the top slot in SE will not help for sure

  10. says

    Nice Article…Solving real life problem will surely gets more attention and get traffic…..Learnt lot of things about long tail keyword….If we are selling something then it will be more useful…:)

  11. says

    hey there nwosu. Long tail keywords easily converts to sales than broad and short keywords. when i hired Attracta for my SEO a year ago, they also suggested using long tail keywords rather than short keywords. But i stopped hiring attracta this year since their services are too expensive. :) i have now enough info about SEO thanks to you and to other fellow bloggers

  12. says

    Thanks for the suggestions Nwosu, long tail keywords are a great way to get highly targeted traffic. One thing I didn’t really think about was finding a long tail that solves peoples problems! Thanks for the insights!

    -Eric Out-

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