Killer tricks for speeding up your Android phone

After few days of using your Android smartphone, it has now become slow owing to the number of apps you have installed from the Google play store. It does not matter if your phone has quad core processor or high amount of RAM, you will have to make few changes so that it stops lagging. Situations like these are common among the android devices, but fortunately, there are certain tweaks to make it work like before. I have experienced this on my android tablet, sometimes it does not respond or the app switching takes hell lot of time. If you are also facing the same problem, than we have it covered in this article so that you don’t have to struggle with these issues.

Killer tricks for speeding up your Android phone

Restart your phone:

This is the quickest way of speeding up your Android phone. Sometimes, many of your phone’s resources are being consumed by various apps that are installed. So, restarting your phone will quickly free up the resources and hence the response time will be reduced. Though this may not be permanent, but it will quickly speed up your device without any additional tweaks required.

Update your phone’s firmware:

Many a times, the manufacturers release firmware update to particular models of android smartphones. These updates are provided to fix issues related to lag, bug and various other improvements to the current OS. Hence, updating your phone’s firmware regularly will ensure that you are getting best out of your phone.

Disable or uninstall apps:

You may not be aware, but there are certain apps that sit in the background and consume many of your precious resources. Right from the app that you used last month for online shopping to the app that came pre-installed, every app is bound to use up your precious resources like RAM and CPU. To overcome this, you can easily remove the apps which are no longer needed or just disable them if you think they will be needed for future use.

Turn off animations:

Animations look quite good and attractive to human eye, but unfortunately they also consume too many resources. Turning off animations will surely boost your android phone. On the other hand, it will also reduce the power consumption of the device; hence your battery will last longer. You can also check out Battery saver apps for android which will surely improve your battery life by almost 25-30%.

Clear app cache:

By default, all android apps will maintain cache data and this data gets piled up which may later act as major factor for slowing down your phone. You can manually delete the app cache from the settings menu but to make it simpler, you could download an app like ‘App cache cleaner’ or ‘Clean master’ to clean it in one touch.

Free up internal memory space:

A low internal memory might be the culprit of severe lag that you are experiencing. It is noticed that more the empty space in internal memory, less will be the lag. So, avoid storing data onto your internal memory. Rather you can purchase an external memory card slot and use it for storing songs, movies and other media.

Resetting your phone:

If none of the options listed above work for you, than you can simply reset your phone. Make sure that you backup your conversations, calendar, contacts and other app data before resetting your phone. Upon complete reset, it will become fast and just like you have removed out of the box. This is one of the best methods for speeding up your android phone.


  1. says

    A Slow device is a useless device as you won’t get around to doing anything worthwhile with it. Really Mujtaba your article is great as this problem are experienced by a lot Android users.

  2. says

    A slow device is just as annoying as having a slow computer. It’s easy to have a smart phone and not be aware of the things in the background that are slowing your device down. For me, I have an iPhone and I do what I can to keep it optimal at all times. Great post my friend!

  3. says

    hello there nwosu. thanks for sharing this guide since next i intend to buy an android phone. i am not sure what brand yet since i also consider the budget that i have. worth sharing in facebook and twitter where many users have android phones. bookmarked for future use.

  4. niraj bhusal says

    Thanks for sharing these tips. These tricks are really helpful for android users like me. Enjoyed reading this post, now hope now android will run fast after following these posts.

  5. says

    Hi Mujtaba,

    I use an android phone. Upon continuous use, I face this problem of my phone slowing down. You’ve made some good suggestions to speed up my phone again! :)

    Of course, the first thing that I do is to restart it. It ‘refreshes’ the system a bit and gets back to the normal ‘fast’ speed. Ocassionally, I also go on an uninstalling spree! I hunt for apps I rarely use and remove them.

    Regarding Internal memory, I take care that it remains free! I don’t stuff over there! And finally, I look at resetting as the last resort. I’ve done it once :)

    Thanks for sharing this article bro!


  6. Mujtaba Patwegar says

    Sure Fenny, your if your android phone has good hardware than use the steps above. It will surely make your smartphone run like MotoGP :D

  7. Mujtaba Patwegar says

    Sure. You can gift yourself new android smartphone this new year! Just get from some reputed brand like Samsung or HTC. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. Mujtaba Patwegar says

    Well, to be frank, i have used iphone 5 with iOS 7 only for few days. It was kind of boring to me. There are options like Reduce motion to turn off animations which were added to the new iOS. And also kill background apps which will help you to improve on speed.

  9. Mujtaba Patwegar says

    You are welcome :) Restarting phone every other day helps to maintain speed. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  10. says

    Did these things right now and woweeee….it worked…..speed is increased significantly of my android phone.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this piece.
    Waiting for more like this. :)

  11. says

    There is a vast majority of Android users who are in search of a way which they can use to speed up their device, I am sure by reading this article which is magnificently written by this author will allow the Android users to speed up their devices without experiencing any sort of issues. I have recently done these steps to speed up my android device and it worked. So i will like to say a bundle of thanks to the author who has helped us to speed up our Android devices.

  12. says

    I was facing the problem of slow speed of my Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro.
    But After reading your post now I am able to speed up my Smartphone.
    Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas

  13. says

    Really killer tips to speed up Android phones.
    I want to add 1 more thing is that we should not fillup Smartphones memory over 75%.
    It will hang if we do so.
    A lots of readers of mine ask me to how to speed up android phones.
    I will suggest this article.
    Thanks Brother :)

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