Keyword – Characteristics of a perfect Keyword

Keyword is about the most important part of SEO and everyone is searching for the perfect keyword that will get the $$$$ coming in. Every blogger or webmaster out there knows this and I have always asked myself, what makes a perfect keyword? What are the characteristics that make a keyword perfect?

I am going to try and answer this question in a very simple manner so you will understand it better. A good knowledge of a perfect keyword is the first step in choosing the right keyword or phrase for your site which is an important part of the search engine optimization process to make your site more visible to search engines and searchers alike.

Characteristics of a perfect keyword

Characteristics of a Perfect Keyword:

Basically there are 4 characteristics of a perfect keyword; I will try to explain them in details below.

High Traffic:  A perfect keyword is a keyword that has the ability to generate a high amount of traffic every month. No matter how good a keyword is, if it cannot generate high traffic, it is as good as useless. Don’t waste your time on it. It’s frustrating to research, compose, publish and promote an article and no one is searching for it.

So ensure to choose a keyword with reasonable amount of monthly searches. I normally use Google Keyword Tools for this purpose. I normally target keywords with exact search of 3k and above monthly.

Low Competition: The perfect keyword should be one with a high amount of traffic but low competition so you can easily rank for such keyword. Trying to rank for a high competitive keyword will simply get your article lost in the inner pages of the search engine results. Even if you successfully rank for a high competitive keyword, how long do you think you can remain up there before you are kicked off from the top spot?

So choose keywords with low competition and high traffic so you can easily rank for it. Other factors to consider before choosing a perfect keyword includes PR of your competing pages, number of indexed pages of such site, number of backlinks to the page etc. I normally use SEOquake to determine this before I choose any keyword to rank for.

High CPC: A perfect keyword should be able to generate a high monthly traffic and should also have a low competition with a high commercial value. Most bloggers are into this business to make money and choosing just the right keyword can make the difference between who is earning high and who is not. I usually look at the CPC of a keyword before choosing it. Why should you choose a keyword with commercial value in cents when you can actually choose another and earn in dollars?

The cost per click CPC of a keyword is a very important factor to consider while choosing the perfect keyword for your post.

Relevance: This is last and most important of the characteristics of a perfect keyword. No matter how you considered the above points in choosing your perfect keyword, such keyword MUST be relevant to the body of the article you are using it on. You can’t choose a keyword like cars while you are actually writing about dogs. That relevance must be maintained, so choose a keyword that best matches your products or services so as to stand a greater chance of converting. Let the keyword naturally suit your content.

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Keywords are the key factors of SEO and choosing the perfect keyword is the success formula but choosing a bad keyword can end your website’s online life. So use this article as a guide in choosing the perfect keyword to use.

You may not easily find a keyword that will match all the characteristics mentioned in this article, but at least you can find keywords with most of these qualities.  I hope you have found this article interesting enough to help you choose the perfect keyword next time you will be deciding which keyword to use.


  1. says

    They are the best keywords, without any doubt, but as I experience, finding perfect keyword for new post is like finding golden fish in desert :D

    Anyway the best balance of the characteristics will offer you some really hidden treasures! Appreciate your post.

  2. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Smart breakdown here….I agree, I am only choosing high CPC keywords these days. I just started a new blog and am building my old blogs around only prospering keywords from my niche.

    As for comp, never fear thinking big. I see many bloggers sell themselves short and make modest or terrible livings, because they are afraid to tackle a competitive keyword which seems to be beyond them. Choose a few lower comp ones, then grow some cajones and go after the BIG FISH, and you would be stunned at how you can outrank some of the biggest companies on earth, if you guest post and work like a dog.

    I have been #1 for “how to make money on Facebook” for months now….and I outrank some serious, monstrous people/groups for it. Go for it!

    Thanks for sharing buddy!!


  3. says

    Hey Mavtrevor,
    I do agree keyword choosing is most important its should be with low competition and high searches so it can be ranked easily.If you are creating the post need to follow the right keyword density so its gives more weight for ranking in SE nice post with valuable information

  4. says

    Thanks Suresh Khanal for your sincere contribution, yes it’s not easy finding the perfect keyword every time for a new post but having a good knowledge of its characteristics can help you in choosing the closest to a perfect keyword.

  5. says

    Thanks Ryan, i was actually going to add this on the post but feared most newbies may not understand the right time to dive into the deep waters. Thanks for the contribution.

  6. says

    I am glad you could agree on this with me, the perfect keyword should have a high traffic with low competition and of course should be relevant to the content. thanks for your comment.

  7. says

    Hello Nwosu,
    Keyword can indeed make your blog grow and attract traffic. you have stated some lovely tips here that will definitely be useful and i love it. Thanks for this lovely post and do have a blessed weekend

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