justbeamit: Send large files easily

justbeamit helps you send large files to your friends easily. justbeamit  is an online file sharing website that lets you send large file right on your browser and the recipient on the other end can easily download the shared file while your browser is still open. So many people use different methods to send large files across the internet but I am telling you that justbeamit is the easiest way to send large files to anyone on the internet.

How to send large files online using justbeamit:

Today I am going to teach you how to send large files to anyone using justbeamit, so simply follow my little steps below and get started with justbeamit right away.

There are two ways you can use justbeamit, its either you go to their website directly justbeamit.com or I recommend you install the Google Chrome extension on your Google Chrome browser. yet another reason why you should use Google Chrome ahead of other browsers.

Next drag the file you want to send to the browser and drop it inside the justbeamit .

A file share link that looks like http://www.justbeamit.com/11be6 will be generated for you to copy and send for you.

Once you copy and send the link to a friend. The file will be waiting for the recipient to enter the link on his browsers address bar before it starts uploading.

Once the recipient enters the link on his browser address bar and hit the enter key, their will be a file requesting to be downloaded.

 Once the recipient clicks the “download file” button, the file will begin to download in his browser while it begins to upload on yours.

On completion of the file download on the recipients computer, the recipient will see a screen saying that “your download is done”.

While on the senders computer it will show transfer completed.

Now you and your friends can start sharing large files easily. I hope you find this blog post interesting. Please don’t forget to share with your friends. In that spirit of sharing, please share this post with your friends, If you like this blog posts Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email so you can be getting more of my posts on your email even when you are offline. Use the comment box below to tell me what you think of this post.


  1. Henry White says

    Send File allows you to send files up to 1Gb in size to your friends, family or business.

    transfer files

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