How to install BBM on unsupported Android devices

Update: BBM 2.0 for Android now supports Gingerbread

Just yesterday the BBM app was officially released on the Play Store but to the surprise of many some Android devices running on Android 4.0 especially tablets with more than 7 inches still couldn’t install the BBM app. My Sanei N10 3G tablet with a 4.0.4 Android OS version wasn’t able to install the BBM app because it has a 10.1″ screen and the BBM app is limited to only devices with 7″ and lower, so I thought to myself “why not?”, if other Android devices can install this app, mine will too.

So I decided that provided my device has met the OS condition for this app, I am going to install in and use it on my device no matter what. I have not yet tried this method on lower version OS but I will definitely update this post once I can be able to install the BBM app on any lower Android OS version say 2.3 Gingerbread.

How to install BBM on unsupported Android devices

So without wasting much time, let me show you how to install BBM on unsupported Android devices. If you have an Android device running on 2.3 Gingerbread you can try this method and share your result with me via the comments.

How to install BBM on unsupported Android devices:

Since I could not officially install the BBM app on my 10″ tablet due to the screen size, I figured if I could spoof my device as a different device with a smaller screen size, then I may be able to install the BBM app on an unsupported Android device.

This method requires you to have a root access on your Android device, so if you haven’t rooted your device, I will recommend you hit the Google search for how to root your specific devices. Else you can check some of my posts about android rooting.

 Then download an app you can use to spoof your device so that Google will think it’s compatible and let you download the BBM app or any other app you haven’t been able to download before just because your device was listed as unsupported.

Download MarketHelper and install this app on your Android device.

Launch the just installed MarketHelper app.

Under “Select Device” choose phone from the drop down and select any of the phone models by the side, in my case I chose the Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to install BBM on unsupported Android devices

Under “Select Operator” choose your country from the drop down and select your network provider by the side.

Then click on the “Activate” button.

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After that restart your device and visit the Google play store and download the BBM app on your device. You will notice that Google will list your app as any phone you choose on the MarketHelper, so you can download and install the BBM app on your unsupported device.

Official Download Link for the BBM app:

You can also use this method to install any app on any unsupported device. I hope you find this tutorial interesting.


  1. dare says

    do u have an idea why mine gives this “no connection found” and “wireless network turned off” errror message?? cant seem to set it up after downloading……read some onlline reviews nd some users facing same ish

  2. dare says

    thanks for the response……..the clear cache thread isnt highlited. so i cant even tap it nor clear it…….i use an S3mini

  3. Oluode says

    I followed or instructions and after opening Google play store, still couldn’t find bbm, soi had to search through Google search, clicked the link then it brought me back to play store and said this item isn’t avaliable in your country. Please what do I do?

    Lenovo A3000 Tablet, 7inches, 4.2 Os. Thanks

  4. Mcbussy says

    If you are having the “no network connection” error,its not necessary to clear cache cos the app hasn’t even saved any cache yet….its better u use “force stop” or stop the app with a task manager.after that,make sure your network connection is good,if possible,switch to 3G.then open the app and try again.

  5. lokobanty says

    but i hv downloaded markethelper & followed ur instruction but i did not see activatn button. wat i saw was send my device info…. pls to where?

  6. lokobanty says

    ok i will try to reinstall it.. but can u teach me how to show you d screen shot of how d application look like, so dat u can get me clearly.

  7. lokobanty says

    i hv re installed is stil dsame.. i downloaded it from d link u put there..any way am using samsung galaxy dou pro 2.3 ginger bread.

  8. ifeanyi says

    this thing ain’t working on gingerbread…followed the steps but play store still.tells me it ain’t compatible with my device

  9. Tambu says

    Hello Nwosu. I would like you to send me the direct link to MarketHelper. I can”t find it on the play store. Thanks

  10. sayswho says

    I couldnt download it from google, but i av downloaded it tru.another link and install it. but d problem now is i cnt launch.bbm its given “the applicatn BBM (process com.bbm) has stopped unexpectedly.try again later. what should can i do? I am using tecno.N3 2.3 with 410 RAM. Thanks

  11. ogundeyi oluwasegun says

    Please sir I have done as you said but it seam to be telling that I should root my device and I have tried that but I did not get exactly where to do that….am using a Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 4G LTE…Please sir help me find possible solution thanks nd best regard

  12. ogundeyi oluwasegun says

    Yes sir I have d market helper on my device but if i try activatin it tells me to root my device nd I ave tried my best in rootin d system but still to nit working out…. the problem is dat i dont knw where to root it from

  13. kevin says

    I get “token not found” from the markethelper and yea my phone is rooted.what cud be the cause?

  14. Benedict says

    So I downloaded the PDA net file, root with restore and downloaded the market place. But I can’t find sane I N10 among the product tablet. And when I click activate, it displays not rooted. What do I do? Or how did you installed yours?

  15. Hameed Ojiwusi says

    I am using Tecno phamtom Pad N9 and I have tried the step u gave but it was telling me that “this device is no ROOTED. I will add support to unrooted devices in later versions”. What do I do Sir?

  16. Irwansyah says

    This is awasome trick, i can install it and use it on my 2.3 Gingerbread lol
    btw do u have any trick so i can install BBM apk too? its like reading my device and cannot install it. -_-

  17. says

    Hello Nwosu,

    I have read your article that your article is very good, useful and people really need to know about BBM installation issues. Thnaks for the post.

  18. naru says

    The market helper says that the things I put in will not be there since I reboot my device. So what does restart mean?

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