Can I install BBM on Gingerbread?

Update: BBM 2.0 for Android now supports Gingerbread

This is definitely one of the most searched queries in search engines since the official release of the BBM for Android last week. The Blackberry messenger is only available for Android phone running on Android OS version 4.0 and above with not more than 7inches screen size.

Blackberry has clearly stated that only Android devices that met the minimum requirements for the BBM for Android app can be able to install and run the app which means that all Android phones running on 2.3.x Gingerbread OS cannot be able to install the BBM for Android app.

Following some popular forums on this discussion, I can tell you that the entire buzz about porting the BBM for Android app to Gingerbread hasn’t really yielded any result. Some guy on XDA Developers forum claimed he has been able to successfully port the BBM for Android app to Android 2.3 Gingerbread ARMv7, but most replies was that the app encounters a forced close error.

Can I install BBM on Gingerbread?

A lot of BBM for Android apps have been uploaded to the internet that claims to work on Android 2.3.x Gingerbread, be careful to download such apps as some of them could be mobile viruses. There is no official BBM for Android Gingerbread now, not from Blackberry and not from any Blackberry developer yet.

The only way you can install the BBM on Gingerbread device it to upgrade it to jellybean. You can do that by downloading and installing a suitable custom ROM on your Android device. There are lots of CynagenMod Custom ROMs out there that you can use to upgrade your Android device from 2.3.x Gingerbread to 4.0 Jellybean. Visit the XDA Developers forum or search Google for guide on how to upgrade your Android phone from 2.3.x Gingerbread to 4.0 Jellybean.

You can also ask me to help you find a guide if you can’t find one yourself, simply tell me the model of your phone and I could help you get the guide on how to upgrade your Android phone from 2.3.x Gingerbread to 4.0.x Jellybean so you can easily install and run the BBM for Android app on your device.

I hope RIM realizes the huge and hungry market they are leaving behind when they decided not to make the app available for Android Gingerbread users, there are almost one quarter of Smartphones running on Gingerbread worldwide if not more.

I hope they can come up with an official update that will make the BBM app available for Gingerbread users. Be sure I will post I here on Netmediablog once the BBM app have been successfully ported to Android Gingerbread phones.

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  1. Joseph Benson says

    my android is itel inote beyond running 2.3.5 how can I upgrade to ics? please I need guide thank you.

  2. dedams says

    I couldn’t get a link to download a suitable android 4.0 ROM for my Samsung galaxy pocket (gt-5300).. pls can u help

  3. dedams says

    I v tried searching for d ROM, bt I couldn’t get a link to download android ROM 4.0 for my Samsung galaxy pocket (gt-5300 ).. can u help pls

  4. dedams says

    no official 4.0 version for Samsung galaxy pocket gt-5300 yet.. I ll try d elasys ROM nd see wat it has to offer.. thanks bro

  5. rio says

    i have upgrade my sga s-5830,with custom rom cyanogen mod, and succes with jellybean version. i continue to install bbm apps, but after instalation finish, bbm app can not run, and show popup”bbm unfortunately close”. is it because my sga use arm v6! or other case! please help me.

  6. says

    That may be the case as BBM has only been successfully ported to ARMv7 devices. Try spooking your device with MarketHelper to see if there could be any difference.

  7. Andrew Alex says

    please i need help on how to get a ROM for ma phone (samsung sidekick sgh-t839).
    i am really impressed by the good work i am seeing in this blog………. will really invite others to share out of this great achievement

  8. says

    You are right. I also found myself one day searching on how I could install BBM on Gingerbread and am happy to see this post. You have explained it so well.

  9. akash says

    i want to update my Micromax a35 bolt Android 2.3.5 to ics 4.0 hw can i update pls help mee :-)

  10. Jash Bhankharia says

    I have an Samsung Galaxy AcePlus. How can i upgrade it to ICS or JellyBean. Please provide me with the link.

  11. Ahmad says

    I am using Pantrch pocket p9060 . I cannot find its custom rom on the net or xda please can you help me?

  12. incognito says

    hi! there.
    For now, i use an infinix X350 surf smart device running on an android 2.3.6. Moreso, I intend to upgrade my OS to the jellybean or ice crean sandwich version. Also i will like to root it as well
    Pleassseee help put me through!

  13. incognito says

    hi there!
    For now, i use an infinix X350 Surf Smart phone running on a 2.3.6 android os, and i wish to upgrade it to the jelly bean or ics version. Also i will like to root it.
    Just to confirm, a friend of mine said he could’nt use bbm on the phone he upgraded

  14. rimzim says

    hi…i have Micromax bolt a62 gingerbread. Is there any way i can upgrade it to 4.0 or above? pls hlep.

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