How to Install Android apps on Blackberry 10

Installing Android apps on Blackberry 10 phones like Z10, Z30 and Q5 is an easy task now as compared to when you have to convert the apps from .apk to .bar and then sideload it unto the device. After the Blackberry OS 10.2.1 update, Blackberry 10 devices can now install Android apps .apk directly.

The process is quite simple, it requires the user to download the Android app (.apk) and install it on his Blackberry 10 device directly just as you would’ve installed it on any Android phone.

Note: Due to the increasing numbers of fake or malicious apps out there, I won’t advice anyone to install just any apps. Though there is no Google Play Store available for Blackberry 10 to install apps from, there are good third-party alternatives where you can download and install Android apps to your Blackberry 10 from.

App Stores for Blackberry 10:

Since Google Play Store is not available for Blackberry 10 devices to download and install app from, use any of these app stores to download and install safe apps to your Blackberry 10 device.

1. Amazon app Store

2. 1Mobile Market app

3. APK Train

There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps on these app stores to download from. Simply find the apps you will like to install on your Blackberry 10 device, download and install them on your Blackberry 10 phone. The installation process will begin through the new Android runtime.

Install Android Apps on Blackberry 10:

After you must have downloaded your Android apps from any of the app stores listed above, click to open it and you will be prompted to install the app onto the device. Once the app installation is complete, the install button will change to “Open”.

How to Install Android apps on Blackberry 10

Tap on the open button to launch the Android app you just installed on your Blackberry 10 phone. This is quite easy and simple and everyone can do it.

Alternatively, you can use an app called Snap to install Android apps from Google Play Store onto your Blackberry 10 device. Snap is a free Google Play client for BlackBerry 10 that allows you to browse and install Android apps on Blackberry 10 just like on Android.

How to Install Android apps on Blackberry 10 with Snap

With Snap you can browse the Google Play Store app lists such as Top Free, Top Paid, and by category. You can also search for apps by keywords. Snap knows which Android apps you’ve installed in your device and checks for updates in Google Play. Snap even lets you download previously purchased apps.


Now I hope you can be able to install your favorite Android apps on your Blackberry 10 phone, a lot of people have been asking me for how to install Opera browser on Blackberry Q5, How to install Facebook Messenger on Blackberry Z10 etc.

Follow the guide I shared here to install any Android apps on Blackberry 10 easily. If you have any challenges or questions regarding the installation of Android apps onto Blackberry 10, please use the comment form below to share your challenges for help.

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    Hi Desmond. thanks for this nice post. i think with this guides, blackberry users don’t have to panic much because they can as well share same apps with android. But can this works for all android apps?

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