Importance of Blog Design and Layout – Things You Should Know

A blog is not just a place where you post your thought but a portal for a completely new world. How you present matters more than what you write in it. Of course, the information you provide is important. However, if information is presented the right way then the impact will be much greater.

Many argue that a simple layout will suffice. Though true, the layout and design of your blog depends upon your readers. If your readers are professionals with intentions of gaining information then a simple layout shall work. On the other hand, if your readers are normal people from every stream of life, then a customized luring design is crucial.

Importance of Blog Design and Layout

How should the design be?

The above question’s answer is not specific. The reason is because it varies greatly with your audience and your audience (in most cases) is not confined to one region. It is simply complicated to understand the necessary elements to incorporate with respect to readers. Maybe that is the reason why most people seek out for professional WordPress developers. However, if you are interested in researching on your own then I shall provide some essential tips.

Shade of your blog:

The color/shade of your blog is the first element that attracts readers. People believe in a set of combinations and continue to use always. Truth is, the combination works for a specific community not worldwide. For instance, let us consider that a blog on Finance niche is to be created catering globally. If you are living is the west (I presume so), then your consideration will be to choose greener shade as it depicts money. Unfortunately, the color green symbolizing money is not a global concept. As you keep on moving east, you will notice that blue and red embody money. In such cases, you need to choose the right shade to pass the message universally.

Design of your Blog:

Again, the design depends on what you wish to achieve with your blog. Some try to provide everyday tips, start a local newspaper, or even create a brand. Every circumstance calls for a different layout. As said above, if your readers are everyday people, they will love loads of images and variety of colors.

Consider a fitness blog, for example. Readers visiting the blog prefer the images of toned body. They love images or videos that tell them how to eat and maintain a diet. An article when incorporated with images will be more enticing to them than just plain texts.

Take another circumstance. A blog dealing with SEO tips. Generally, readers are professional seeking for information. Hardly do they mind of images but appreciate any video tutorial. However, most prefer to read text as they can skim any known information and save time. Moreover, the design can be simple as they are not everyday readers.

Same principle for Websites

Although, I named the title for blogs the same principle applies for websites. However, websites demand for some coding knowledge, which you can gladly skip by outsourcing web development. Therefore, whether it is blog or website, know your readers and create the perfect design that suits.

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    Does blog design matter when it comes to website flipping? I learnt what matters is the monetary value of the blog or website. Do you have anything to say about this.

  3. Nwosu Mavtrevor says

    Yes it does because a visitor or potential customer can easily turn away from a bad looking website even without considering its content… so blog design and layout goes a long way in determining how visitors are first impressed about your blog before they can even check out its content.

  4. paularo says

    Really Nice, people think, its that easy to create a website and design it. creating a website is one thing, designing it is another thing.

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