How transfer all the contents of your Phone to Samsung Galaxy S4

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, everyone is rushing to get one. The first challenge of using the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be how to transfer the content of your phone to your Samsung Galaxy S4. In some forums people have shown concern on how they won’t want to lose their contents especially their apps and have stated this as one of the reasons why they may not be migrating to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you are worried about your phone contents then this article is for you. You do not have to worry about this as Samsung has it absolutely covered. Samsung has made provision for other mobile phone users to easily migrate to Samsung with an app called “Smart Switch”.

How transfer all the contents of your Phone to Samsung Galaxy S4

Smart Switch is an easy-to-use tool that helps a mobile phone user transfer the content of his phone whether it’s an iPhone Blackberry or any other phone to Samsung Galaxy S4. So you don’t have to worry about losing your precious pictures, contacts or even apps installed on your phone.

Smart Switch will simply backup your phone to a computer and sync it with the Samsung Galaxy S4, the method is a very simply one. Let’s see how you can transfer the whole content of your phone to Samsung Galaxy S4.

Things you need:

Your mobile phone and its USB cable,

A computer (with iTunes installed on it for iPhone users or any other PC suit for other phone models)

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 and USB (with internet connection)

Download and install Smart Switch for PC on your computer. Click here to download Smart Switch for Windows. The version for Mac is coming soon.

How to transfer your Phone contents to Samsung Galaxy S4:

Step 1: Connect your phone to your PC, for the purpose of this article let me assume iPhone as the choice phone here.

Step 2: Launch iTunes on your PC and allow iTunes to detect your iPhone

Step 3: Backup your iPhone and ensure it is not encrypted. Once it completes, eject and disconnect your iPhone from the PC and close the iTunes.

Step 4: Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your PC using its USB cable

Step 5: Then launch the Smart Switch Tools for Windows on your computer and wait for it to detect and connect your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Step 6: Click start transfer to begin the transfer of your iPhone backup t your Samsung Galaxy S4, do not disconnect the S4 till the transfer is completed so as not to disrupt it.

Step 7: On completion of the transfer, click exit and disconnect the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Then you will notice that your phone content from your iPhone has been transferred to your Samsung Galaxy S4 except your apps. Now let’s see how you can recover your apps as well.

Install the Smart Switch app from the Google Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Smart Switch app on your phone will review the list of all the apps you had on your iPhone and match them with identical or similar Android apps.

Launch the Smart Switch app on your Samsung Galaxy S4, then go through the quick tutorial by clicking Next and Done. Then you will see two tabs – The matches tab and the recommendation tab. The matches tab contains a list of all the apps that has exact matches on Google Play Store while the recommendation tab contains apps that do not have exact matches on the Google Play Store, the icons shown are iOS apps but when you tap the tab, a drop down will show you recommended apps on Google Play Store. Tap on an app and then accept and download to your Samsung Galaxy S4.

I hope you find this tutorial interesting enough to help you transfer your phone contents to the new Samsung Galaxy S4, the process is same for any other phone, simply backup your phone on a PC, use the Smart Switch for Windows to transfer the backup to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and that’s it. So simple, isn’t it?

Now let me hear from you about this, if you encounter any problem o have any question to ask, simply use the comment form below to ask, I will be delighted to reply you as quickly as possible.


  1. Kay says

    Are you aware of any alternatives to Smart Switch if the latest Blackberry OS for my device is OS 5? I currently have a Blackberry Tour 9630, and the latest update is OS 5. I need to be able to transfer my text messages, in addition to my contacts. Any ideas?

  2. says

    Back Up Contacts

    If the contacts on the BlackBerry device are already synchronized to Google or to a Microsoft Exchange account they can be synchronized directly to the iPhone. You do not need to worry about exporting them from the BlackBerry device, as they are already backed up with the Google or Exchange account. If the contacts on the BlackBerry device are not synchronized with a Google or Exchange account, or are saved directly on the device itself, you must export them from the device and then import them to a Google or Exchange account that will be set up to synchronize with the iPhone.

    Export the On-device Contacts

    Ensure you have installed BlackBerry Desktop software on the PC. The latest version can be found on the BlackBerry website:
    On the PC, open the BlackBerry Desktop Software application.
    Connect the BlackBerry device to the PC via USB cable.
    In BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Organizer from the menu on the left.
    If a warning is displayed to Turn off wireless sync, follow these steps to turn it off on the device:
    On the BlackBerry, in the Contacts application press the Menu key, then select Options.
    If necessary, click the contact list.
    Change the Wireless Synchronization field to No or clear the Wireless Synchronization check box.
    Press the Menu key, then select Save.
    In BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Device, then Sync by Type, and Organizer.
    Check the box to sync Address Book, and then click Microsoft Outlook Express.
    Click Next.
    Click to select One way sync from device, then click Next.
    Click Next and then Finish.
    Click Sync. This will synchronize all contacts on the device to the PC Address Book.
    On the PC, click Start, then All Programs, and open Accessories > Address Book.
    You should see all the device contacts here. Click File > Export > Other Address Book.
    Click Text File (Comma Separated Values), then click Export.
    Give the file a name and Browse to save the file to your desktop.
    Click to select all desired contact fields and click Export. You have saved your device contacts to a .CSV file. This can now be imported to your Google or Exchange account.
    Now you can Import this .CSV file to your Gmail or Outlook account.
    For Gmail – click Settings > Import.
    For Outlook – click File > Import and Export.
    Your contacts are now backed up to the Gmail or Exchange account.
    Import Contacts

    In the above steps you have backed up the BlackBerry device contacts to a Google or Exchange account. The following instructions guide you through the process of importing the contacts from these accounts to the iPhone.

    Synchronize Contacts with Google or Exchange Account

    On the iPhone tap Settings.
    Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    Tap Add Account….
    Tap Microsoft Exchange. (Do not tap Gmail for Gmail accounts).
    Enter the Email address, Domain (Exchange accounts, for Gmail leave blank), Username, and Password.
    Tap Next.
    Tap Server and enter the Exchange server address ( for Gmail accounts).
    Tap Next.
    Tap to ensure that Contacts is set to On.
    Tap Save.
    The Google or Exchange account Contacts are now synchronized to the iPhone.

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