How to Root Sanei N10 3G Tablet

Root Sanei N10 3G Tablet

Sanei N10 3G is a 10.1 inch android tablet running on Android 4.0.4 operating system. The Sanei N10 tablet as it is popularly referred to is a great piece of hardware you can acquire for less than $250 from Amazon and some other popular stores online. With a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU and ROM of 4GB … [Read more...]

How You Can Improve Your WordPress Blog with Tumblr

How You Can Improve Your Wordpress Blog with Tumblr

Did the title catch your attention? Are you curious to know how you can improve your Wordpress blog with Tumblr? Today I want to share a secret with you on “How You Can Improve Your Wordpress Blog with Tumblr”. Tumblr is more than a blogging platform, it is a social networking site combined with a … [Read more...]

How to install HD Android Games with Cache

How to install HD Android Games with Cache

Due to the installer file sizes of some HD Android games you cannot simply download their .apk files and install them directly. Most smartphone won’t have enough internal memory to install some HD Android games due to their large installer files sizes. Some HD games are more than 1gigayte in size, … [Read more...]

The various ways to build WordPress Mobile Site

Various Ways to build Wordpress Mobile Site

The growth of mobile devices is a revolution to the way we access the internet these days. More internet users make use of their smartphones & tablets than PCs these days while surfing the web and thus the reason to build a mobile version of your website. Wordpress mobile site is essential for … [Read more...]

How to block ads on Android

How to block ads on Android.

It’s always annoying when ads take up your favorite app spaces, maybe in your favorite game apps. Most free apps have ads embedded in them but most times these ads affect the user’s experience. You will agree with me that it is definitely annoying when ads start popping up in the middle of a game or … [Read more...]

How to Boot Windows 8.1 directly to desktop

How to Boot Windows 8.1 directly to desktop

Since the release of Windows 8, one of the biggest complaints of its users has been a way to boot their PC directly to desktop than to the tile-filled metro screen first. No doubt Windows 8 is a great Windows OS and I love it, but it was not built as other previous Windows OS versions. And for many … [Read more...]

How to Find Modem IMEI Number (ZTE/Huawei)

How to find IMEI Number of ZTE/Huawei Modem

To unlock most modems you will require their (International Mobile Equipment Identity)  IMEI number but in a scenario where the modem pack is lost and the IMEI number usually printed on the body of the modem has cleaned off, how can one find the IMEI number of his modem? It doesn’t matter if the … [Read more...]

How to spot Fake BBM for Android Apps (Or any other apps)

How to spot fake BBM for Android app on Google Play Store

There are countless numbers of fake BBM for Android apps and other apps currently listed on the Google Play Store following the recent announcement by Blackberry Inc. to make blackberry messenger BBM available for Android users. The excitement over the weekend about the release of the BBM for … [Read more...]

How to receive your Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard via DHL or FEDEX

How to receive your Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard via DHL/FEDEX

This article is about how to receive your Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard via DHL or FedEx without having to wait for weeks if not months to receive your card especially if you live outside the USA. I once applied for a Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard via one of their partner programs and waited … [Read more...]