How to view the mobile version of a website on a computer

Have you ever browsed the internet from a mobile phone? Websites on phones look quite different, in fact very different. When you try to open a WAP portal on a computer browser, it will surely give you an error message.Even those that open will have a different look.  Today I am going to teach you the several ways you can use to browse your mobile sites on a computer browser. Now I know you are curious….

Let’s get started then,  Let’s say you just designed a blog and inserted Google adsense in it and you really want to preview it on a mobile and your battery is down or you simply don’t have your mobile phone handy, but you really want to know how the Google adsense are actually displayed, the solution is quite an easy one,  if for example the URL of the site is all you need to do to see the mobile version is to simply add ?m=1 to the end of the URL so that it becomes

But the above example is for those sites that have their mobile templates enabled. In a case where you want to visit a WAP portal like for example on your computer, you will get an error saying “Welcome to Wapking, Our site is designed to work with only mobile devices”. The approach to this type of website is different. You will need an emulator on a browser to be able to view such sites. Simply visit , you can select the phone skin even and enter the website on your lower right hand side and click on submit and see your WAP portal load on the phone browser on the browser.

Another method is quite an easy one, for example you want to visit the mobile version of simply go to,, etc and start viewing the mobile versions of such sites.

The next method involves installing mobile user agents on your Firefox browser. There are quite so many of them on the internet. Click here  now to search for mobile user agents you can download and install on your Firefox to enable you view mobile versions of websites on your Firefox browser. You should also Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email.


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