How to use Google against Google

I wasn’t totally sure what I was going to term this article till I completed it, the idea was raw and instant and I couldn’t wait any longer than to punch it down, after going through it I felt it’ll be great I share this with you. So I am hoping you find it interesting. Please remember to share your views after this post.

It is a common thing to hear ‘Content is King’ these days as bloggers and webmasters are mainly worried about coming up with great content for their blogs/websites. In fact this is a common source of worry for most bloggers, including me, If I don’t come up with a great content I will be satisfied with, then I won’t publish that day.

Google Vs GoogleBut one thing we don’t know is that Google is constantly altering its algorithms to produce the best results to match the searched queries. The days of keyword stuffing are gone as Google and other search engines can now look beyond your title and Meta description but your whole content to determine its importance/relevance to the users.

This has become an uneasy task coming up with contents that can really make some impact on the search engine rankings. Don’t worry I will show you how you can use Google against Google. Let Google do the job for you.

Google stores every search on their database and that way they can determine which query is receiving the highest number of searches over a given period of time. Google in a bid to fine tune their search results can make auto-suggestions for you, if you know all these then you can take advantage of Google.

Here are the some Google’s tools that can be very helpful to you as a blogger or webmaster;

Google Tools you can use to improve blogging:

Auto Complete: The Google Auto Complete helps you to automatically suggest terms to search during search, what you don’t exactly know it that Google is telling you that the suggested terms are what other people are searching for too just like you. And bearing in mind Google will only suggest those terms with the highest number of searches, can give one an insight into the keyword he is searching for.

Knowledge Graph: The knowledge graph can help you in a serious way. Whenever you make searches on Google or other search engines, the searched keyword is immediately searched for both in text, images, videos, maps etc. When you know what Google is associating with what you are searching, you are already one step ahead of your competitors.

Google Plus: Have you ever seen a Google Plus update or a link shared on Google Plus profile on search engine results? Google is maximizing the advantage they have as the leading search engine site on the internet by including their social media profile posts on the search engine results. Take advantage of this and share your posts on Google Plus.

Google Image Search: Google has classified its search into web, images and videos etc. Do you imagine the frustration of searching for an image but can’t find it or anything that is close enough to what you are searching for. I receive traffic from the image searches people are making worldwide every day. Those people didn’t come to my blog from the content but from an image search, I personally make image searches on search engines because I know most times its one o the fastest ways of locating what am searching for. So if you do not include relevant images in your blog post, start it now.

Google Adword Tool: Google Adword tool also provides relevant keywords to any keyword you search on it. Sometimes you want to write on a topic but the competition is already high on that keyword, using Google Adword tool, you can discover related keywords with less competition that you can go for so your article will make the front page of search results. Even if you come up with a great contents and the article gets lost in the inner pages of the search results, it may not produce anything in return and I consider that a wasted effort.

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Google is a great tool that can help you as a webmaster/blogger in making your tasks even easier. Start using Google against Google by applying the ideas listed in this article, let Google do the job for you. Do you know of other ways one can use Google against Google? I will like to hear from you. What do you think of this article, how have you used Google against Google? Use the comment form below to share with me. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feeds.

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  1. donatus says

    Desmond i am a living testimony of google auto complete, even when i feel so lazy to make use of the google adword keyword tool, it always assist me writing a search engine optimized posts.

    Thanks desmond for sharing, love reading your blog.

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