How to update drivers in Windows 7


Updating your drivers in Windows 7 will provide you with a means of acquiring the newest/latest drivers and better functionality of your computer. Sometimes some hardware devices may not automatically install and may require one to manually update the drivers. The following simple steps will guild you to do this.

Follow the steps below to update drivers in windows 7:

Go to the control panel on your PC and open the device manager

Locate the hardware device you want to update

Right click on the particular hardware’s name or icon and chose properties

In the properties window, click on Driver tab.

Then click update Driver button. This will begin the update Driver software wizard.

Chose Browse my computer for driver software on the How do you want to search for driver software? Window.

The in the next windows Chose “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” just at the bottom of the windows.

Click on Have Disk button just under the text box

Click the Browse button on the install from dialog box

Click any INF file which will display in the file list and click the Open button

Then click OK on the install from Disk

Chose the hardware newly added and click Next > button

The wizard will now update the driver.

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  1. Straight to point and well written. thanks as i will continue to come back to learn great tips like this one.

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