How to unzip files online

It is a common tradition for computer users to unzip files with Winrar, Winzip or 7z extracting software applications. But imagine a situation where you have a computer with any of the above listed software to unzip or extract the files. Today I want to teach you how you can unzip files on the internet.

There are several websites on the internet today that can help you unzip files right on your browser provided you have an internet connection. So after reading this post, you will never be limited to the option of using just a software application to unzip files.

How to unzip files online:

Unzip Online and WOBZIP are my favorite file extracting website on the internet, there may be whole lots of others but I prefer this two for its simplicity and ease of usage.  Follow the easy steps below to unzip files online now.

Unzip Online: Unzip online is quite an easy online file extractor. You can even upload your own files and make your own zip files online here or upload zipped files and extract it online as well. But for the purpose of this post I will be concentrating on unzipping zipped files.

Click on the ZIP/UNZIP NOW button

Click on choose files and locate the zip file you want to unzip, then click on the Unzip button

Then the files will be extracted, choose the file(s) you want to use/read and click download below to download the extracted file.

WOBZIP: WOBZIP is pretty much the same thing as Unzip Online except the WOBZIP is a little bit advanced. WOBZIP can handle zipped files protected with password and zipped files from a web source. Simply enter the URL and uncompress.


To unzip files on WOBZIP, you can either enter the source URL if it is from the web or you can use the “browse from Computer” button to locate the zipped file you want to unzip on your computer.  If the file contains password, enter it on the password space provided and click on the uncompress to unzip your files.

The file will be uploaded and extracted.

Click on the particular file you want to use/read and it will prompt to be downloaded. You can also share your extracted files with your friends by sharing the link with them. Now i hope you can unzip files online easily even when you do not have any file extractor software in your system.

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  1. Derek says

    It’s great but i still prefer winrar.
    I cud jst go online and download it..
    This one requires loads of bandwith..
    Upload and then download

  2. Nwosu Desmond says

    If you read carefully you will hear me give an instance where you do not have winrar or any other file extractor on your system….not everyone likes to install all applications, so the post could be for someone who do not want to install winrar or simply want to use a system one time to carry out a task that may involve unzipping files. All the same having a file extractor on your computer is not bad. Thanks for your input though.

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