How to turn off comments for a single post on WordPress

By default comment are enabled on WordPress and can be disabled from the settings on dashboard (Settings > Discussion) if need be. But you cannot turn off comments for a single post on WordPress from same place. I have been in some forums where people asked how to turn off comments for a single post on WordPress and can’t seem to get a reasonable answer. Recently a blogger friend asked me same question and I thought it nice to share the answer I gave to him with you so you can also turn of comment for a single post on WordPress any time you want to.

To turn off comments for a single post on WordPress, you will need an administrative privilege for such site. So you must be logged in as an administrator on that site to be able to turn off comments for a single post on WordPress. So I am going to teach you in a quick tutorial how to turn off comments on a single post on WordPress.

How to turn off comments for a single post on WordPress

How to turn off comments on a single post on WordPress:

Login to your WordPress dashboard with your administrator account.

Go to Posts > All Posts and navigate to the post you will want to turn off comments for. Click on “Edit” to open the post.

Look at the top of the page you will see a grey tab called “Screen Options” and click on it to reveal a slide down menu.

Check “Discussion” as highlighted on the image below and click on the Screen options again to hide the menu.

How to turn off comments for a single post on WordPress

Then a discussion pane will be added to every edit post so you can choose to turn on/off comments on individual posts.

How to turn off comments for a single post on WordPress

So to turn off comments on a single post on WordPress un-check the “Allow comments” on the discussion pane.

You can also use same method to turn on/off trackback and pingbacks on a single post on WordPress.

I hope you find this tutorial useful and easy to apply. If you have any questions or contributions use the comment section below.

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  1. says

    Thanks Sriram for your comment, yes sometimes we do not need comments on a post or we may have received so much comment on a post that we want to stop receiving more because so much comments slows down a page.

  2. says

    I did not know that turning off comments on WorPress is an easy task. Thanks a lot for your great and simple tips. :)

  3. says

    Awesome tip. I have many posts, specially reviews where i don’t want comments, that’s just to increase conversations and all the time i am manually deleting the comments. this will help me a lot, and also benefit me a lot :)

  4. says

    Cool information :)

    Will execute it, whenever needed.

    Thanks for the clear explanation to turn off the commmnets for a particular post in WP, keep sharing the stuffs.

  5. says

    Short and useful post. Sometimes we may need to disable the comments for a particular post – probably an affiliate post ( :D )

    The ‘show on screen’ filter lets you to turn off many of the elements of Post Editing screen but the problem faced when you forgot to open the list to see which of the elements are turned off! Good reminder.

  6. says

    Simple post and like Sri said, useful too.

    Sometimes no comments are needed. Make a point so readers can soak it up.

    Some business-themed posts might warrant this strategy.

    Thanks for sharing Nwosu!


  7. says

    Hello Nwosu,

    Great share.!

    thanks for sharing this informative post and useful post too. sometimes we don’t need any comment from the post. btw.!

    stay updated and stay rocking ;) :P


  8. Pawan says

    Quick tip to turn off the comments buddy. I don’t turn off the comments since they are whole and sole of my blog. I wouldn’t rally turn them ever as it would be injustice to my readers.

  9. says

    Another good way to do it would be to dupe the page.php file and strip out the call to the comments.php template. And when you want a page where you know you don’t want comments, choose that page template instead.

  10. says

    Very resourceful post, Nwosu. I’d always wondered how bloggers were able to turn off comments on an individual post. Now I know!

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us. :)


  11. says

    Well i have been looking for this bcoz I’m just receiving the comments for my too old post but they were not genuine comments between thanks for the share bro

  12. says

    Thanks a lot for giving this details regarding blogs commenting with word press. this would be very helpful for people.
    i appreciate your effort do this work.

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