How to tackle comment spam on WordPress

Most self-hosted WordPress blogs have to deal with annoying spam every day. Fighting spam is not an easy task especially when your blog has been targeted. It is quite annoying fighting WordPress comment spam always. Once you login to your dashboard you will see hundreds of useless comments awaiting approval.

How to tackle comment spam on WordPress with Disqus plugin.

Bloggers are busy people and don’t have all the time to fight spam, so we just have to find an easier way of dealing with it and saving ourselves time to achieve other things. Most spam comments are automatically generated and posted, so we can’t afford to manually tackle them always because it will take all day to do that, so I am going to introduce you to a simple method I use on my blog – Netmediablogto curb spam comments.

So many bloggers cannot afford to buy “Akismet’s  API key” so may not be able to use the Akismet WordPress Plugin rated as the best comment, trackback and pingback spam fighter on the internet. That is why I am introducing you to a free spam fighter plugin called “Disqus”.

Disqus is a third party comment system for blogs and websites. Disqus makes comenting easier and more interactive. So installing and activating the Disqus for WordPress plugin will be a great step to fighting comment spam.

Why choose Disqus for WordPress plugin? Disqus for WordPress plugin integrate closely with Askimet to reduce spam, another way of using the Askimet’s services I guess. Disqus helps to reduce the size the size of both database and web space on your server because they store them on their servers. They also integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and OpenID so your readers can only comment using their verified accounts from the listed social networks. At least that way you know they are humans and not bots.

You can also install WP-Ban-User to help you fight spam by allowing you to blog the Ip address, username of the person spamming you.

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