How to Stream Cloud Music on iPhones using BoxyTunes

Cloud Music is simply music in the cloud, with the development of cloud storage services like Dropbox today, people can now be able to store music in the cloud and stream it from any device from any part of the world at any time they want it. There are a lot of cloud storage and synchronization services out there that offers both free and premium storage services.

Dropbox is a popular online file storage and synchronization service that allows you to store files in the cloud and access them from any part of the world. Imagine you have 50GB worth of music in the cloud that you can access anytime anywhere, won’t that be awesome?

Storing music in the cloud is one thing and accessing them is another. For iPhone users I want to introduce you to cloud music players you can use to stream your cloud music on your iPhone without having to download the music.

BoxyTunes Cloud Music player for iPhones:

BoxyTunes: BoxyTunes is my favorite cloud music player for iPhones. With BoxyTunes you can easily stream the cloud music in your Dropbox on your iPhone without having to download the music. BoxyTunes streams directly from your Dropbox account. With BoxyTunes you can carry all your cloud music anywhere you go on your iPhone. With BoxyTunes, you can create music playlist that’s built from any song in your Dropbox account.

How to Stream Cloud Music on iPhones using BoxyTunes

BoxyTunes gives you the freedom and control over your cloud music, now you can stream your music from your iPhone. BoxyTunes have great control like Play, Pause, Skip Track and rewind etc. You can customize your playlist anytime and the beautiful part is that BoxyTunes can play on the background while you do other things on your iPhone.

BoxyTunes work on other iOS devices like iPad, iPod touch etc. BoxyTunes supports the following music formats – Mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, caf and aac. Boxytunes displays cover art, album, artist, and song title. BoxyTunes requires you to have a Dropbox account where you will upload all your music files.

BoxyTunes is a premium app sold for just $1.99 on Apple Store and has a file size of 1.6MB only.  Other alternative Cloud music players for iPhones include Music drop, Dplayer, TunesBag etc. So consider these apps as your Dropbox MP3 media players and stream your cloud music easily using any of them today.

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Have you ever used any of the above listed cloud music players? Do you know any other cloud music player that can stream music directly from Dropbox? Please share with me using the comment form below. I will also like to know what you think of this article.

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