How to run iOS apps on PC with iPadian

Have you ever wished you could run iOS apps on PC as Android apps could be run on PC? Bluestacks and Youwave are Android emulators that can allow you to run Android apps on a PC. iOS users are not left out, so if you are wondering if there is a way to emulate iPad on a PC so you can run its apps on PC, the answer is YES!

iPadian is an iPad emulator or simulator for PC which allows you to run iPad apps on your PC. This app is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. iPadian clones the iOS user interface to handle the computer as if it were an iPad. This stand-alone program comes with a custom app store and some pre-installed iPad apps.

How to run iOS apps on PC with iPadian

How to run iOS apps on PC with iPadian

Simply download iPadian from the Google projects, iPadian does not require any installation simply extract the folder and launch the iPadian.exe file, ensure your PC has been equipped with Adobe Air. iPadian will overlay itself over your desktop, and you can begin to use the pre-installed apps on the iPadian desktop.

You will notice the pre-installed apps on the right-hand corner of the app, you will not be able to access the official Apple app store, so you will have to rely on iPadian’s own app store. iPadian is an awesome app for simulating iPad apps on PC, you really will feel like you are using your iPad on a PC.

Now you can enjoy your iOS apps on your PC with iPadian. If you are an iOS lover and you wish to try out some iOS apps on PC, then iPadian is your best option. Try it out today and tell me what you think of it. Do you know of any other iOS emulator out there? Please share with me using the comment form below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feeds.


  1. luke g says

    It only lets your access iPadian’s version of the app store so its worthless if your trying to access a specific app. Props to the developer on looks and feel. Doesn’t serve the need of accessing a specific app on my work pc though…

  2. Kim says

    Hello…..I am looking for something that can open an eBook and view the videos inside the eBook. The publisher states that the eBook can only be viewed with an iOS. Will this work for that or do I need an app to actually read/view the eBook?
    Thank you!!

  3. says

    iPadian is a perfect iOS emulator that can do everything an iPad can do…the only difference is that you can not install apps apart from the pre-installed ones.

  4. Masquerade says

    If you have an unsigned IPA file already on windows, can you install it into this emulator with iFunbox or similar programs?

  5. lourdes says

    Thank you very much for your article. I need to use an ipad/iphone for a course I am registering next week, but I just bought a Windows Surface Pro that I adore and I do not want to buy an ipad just for that course, how do I submit the course to the ipadian store if I am not the developer.. or how can I install it in ipadian…?

  6. Vinicius Oliveira says

    Can you help me? When i click “Submit App” it shows this message “Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions” how i fix it?

  7. Marwan says


    403. That’s an error.

    Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/ipadian/downloads/detail? from this server. That’s all we know.

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