How to Root Tecno N3 Android using Poot & Ministro II


How to Root Tecno N3 Android using Pook & Ministro IIHow to Root Tecno N3: The new Tecno N3 is quite a beauty and it’s one of the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria today, for just N13,000 (Thirteen Thousand Naira) you can acquire it. The Tecno N3 is a cheap dual SIM phone with a lot of awesome features. Rooting Tecno N3 will give you a super user privilege that can allow you to do anything at all you want with your phone, you can even run a custom ROM on the Tecno N3, and so many more.

But my main aim of rooting Tecno N3 is to be able to use DroidVPN on it since it requires only rooted Androids to be able to work. So let’s see how you can easily root your Tecno N3 using Poot and Ministro II. So let’s start by downloading these apps…

How to Root Tecno N3: Requirements

Click here to download Poot.apk

Click here to download Ministro II from Google play Store

Now let’s get started with rooting your Tecno N3 Android phone:

1. Shut down your Tecno N3 Android phone and remove your memory card

2. Switch on your Tecno N3 Android phone, transfer the Poot.apk and install it on your phone’s internal memory. Remember to enable install apps from unknown sources (Menu > Settings > Application > Unknown Sources), simply tick the check button that says “Allow installation of non-market applicatios”.

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3. Go to your phone menu and launch the Poot app, it will require you to install Ministro II, Simply follow the link to Google play store or install the one your downloaded from this post.

4. You will be required to update ministro library, update it through from the Google Play Store. On completion of this update your phone will reboot.

5. You will be faced with two options;

  1. “Press here  to Poot”
  2. “Built in root check”

How to Root Tecno N3 Android using Pook & Ministro II

6. Click on the first option which is “Press here to Poot” and after a while, three options will be listed thus;

  1. Get Superuser
  2. Get root-checker
  3. In-built rootchecker

7. When you see these options it simply means your Tecno N3 has been rooted successfully.  Then visit Google Play Store and download Superuser app. Click here  to download the Superuser app.

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This same process can also be used to root Tecno T3 Android Phone. I hope you can easily follow this tutorial to root your Tecno N3 or Tecno T3 Android Phones. If you encounter any error or you have questions to ask, please use the comment form below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.


Known Errors; most users have been complaining of getting an error code: 87 “Su binary was not written,You need to restart your device” while trying to root their Tecno N3.


1. Restart your Tecno N3 smartphone

2. Uninstall the Pook (leave the Ministro in tact)

3. Ensure the ministro is installed on the phone memory not the SDcard.

4. Restart your Tecno N3 again

5. Re-install Pook

Repeat same process if you keep getting the error until your Tecno N3 is successfully rooted.

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  1. Though am not a user of this particular phone, your rooting procedure is very precise. I hope you write more on rooting especially on the recently sensational devices like Tecno N7, Intel Yolo and Micromax devices.
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  2. Kingsley

    Hi thanks for the post i have already rooted mine. but i think you made a mistake in the title of the app its POOT not POOK

  3. Bro…. I keep getting this error notification.. Plus my device ain’t at any point shutting itself down during the process…. Help please

    • Ensure the Poot and Ministro ii files are on the phone memory, ensure to remove the memory card during this process. If you mobile phone doesn’t restart by itself? restart it manually.

  4. Am still lost its kept telling me error 87 at the stage of press to poot I need your help badly. t3 user

  5. Bro root my phone at last great job keep the good work…… expecting more post from u guys.

  6. Boss can you suggest to me a key board that can replace go keyboard in all aspects yet take less memory. I like d go kboard arrows keys n predictive f’ction.

  7. Bros can I use Mtn bis or bis of any of de networks with my t3 android rooted phone and what is de procedure really need this badly plse help.

  8. Benjamin-dexter Ogbonne

    i did the rooting of my tecno N3, but in the proceess, it wrote insufficient memory while ministro II was being installed after it was downloaded. it took me to running services frm where i had to uninstall some of my apps, then i continued the process of which it installed but didn’t do anything. how do i update the library…..?

    • You should be online to update the library and you need memory space for the apps to run while rooting. Uninstall or move some apps to memory card using AppMgr III and restart the rooting process again.

  9. hello, i’ve tried everything u listed bt it still keeps showing me error 87. i’ve downloaded superUser, i’ve moved d apps to d phone memory, i’ve done everything bt when i press to poot, it still shows me error 87. Looking forward to ur help. N3 user

  10. i’ve done that…it still shows me error code 87 when i press to poot

    • Check to see if you have a Super User installed because you are getting such error because SU binary was not written, simply restart your phone and try once more till you get it right.

  11. hareeyor says:

    can i use it wit B3. I av attempt it twice.

  12. Thanka for throngo bro, pls am having same problem pls how do i install SU

  13. chukzy says:

    pls whats the name of the poot i should download to root tecno N3 and what the size of the file…or do i just download any poot…thanks hope to hearing from you

  14. chukzy says:

    but the file downloaded is in zip form or do i rename it to apk……

  15. chukzy says:

    sir…pls sorry for the disturbance …..after rooting will i still be ables to perform software update/updrade wen necessary on my phone….like movin from android 2.3.1 to an available update…thanks for ur effort i do really appreciate

  16. chukzy says:

    Pls the file is in zip form do I need to rename it…..and if there is an update like updating from android 2.3.1 to a new version can I still update after rooting my phone…..thanks for ur assistance

  17. chukzy says:

    Thanks for ur assistance I will get back to u after every…..I do appreciate….just got ur reply now

  18. nice post.. ..Thanks for the tutorial. But please could you do a tutorial for the D3?? Cant find a way to root mine.

  19. pls can u find a way to root tecno b3 I can’t download app with high mb
    I really appreciate ur effort

  20. cerovy

    I have tried your method a hundred times but still i get the message 87 “Su binary was not written,You need to restart your device” what shud i do

  21. I’m presently on d 100th app an i’m yet to see the application”poot”.i searched d name and on d 100th without seeing d app

  22. I’d successfully rooted my phone so when I was downloadind the superuser apk, the poot apk repeated “SU binary…” after I had passed through it in the first place. The superuser apk was also not downloading. Please Your reply would be of help.

  23. My phone keeps shutting down whenever I click on”press to poot”. Please I need a solution to this.

  24. tim stumph says:

    After rooting do I still need all the programs i

  25. Hello Mr Nwosu, Thank you for your tireless effort in assisting us via your blog. I have tried all the steps you listed above (have been restarting for the past 2hr) but to no avail. Sometimes when i Press “Press here to poot” it goes off but never restart by itself.Quick note, i currently use WIFI does this affect the process? Please kindly help me through with this, i would appreciate your priceless support.

  26. when i click “press here to poot” it swutches off.. and i ave to remove my battery and put it back for it to on…what is the solution please

  27. Nice post okey. Does this method of rooting work for every Android phone or its exclusive for Tecno N3?

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