How to recover deleted files with Recuva

Have you ever mistakenly deleted a very important file from your computer and probably wipe a file out of your recycle bin and maybe after a month or more you realize how important you need that file? I know you may be thinking “I can’t make such a mistake” yea that’s why it is called a mistake at first, though it may not be totally your fault for this to happen, you computer could crash and by the time you fix it you find out that your important files are missing. One day you will delete your favorite video or picture or even music and suddenly realize how much you are going to miss having it, and you start searching for ways to get it back. Today you will learn how to recover deleted files with Recuva.

How to recover deleted files from your computer:

I have talked about file recovery tools in this blog some time ago, I discussed how we can use restoration to recover deleted files. But today I am writing about a different program that is even easier to use.

Recuva: Recuva was developed by Piriform a privately ownnerd software company based in the UK. They developed  great software applications like CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler and Speccy. If you have ever  used any of their products you will see how good they are. I have used almost all the above listed software applications and I love them all. That’s why I am recommending their product any time any day, anywhere.

Recuva is a freeware file recovery program that can help one recover deleted files even from the recycle bin. This program can help you recover deleted files from your iPod, memory cards, MP3 players and even USB flash drives.

Recuva has a very simple interface that makes it very easy to use for anyone even a newbie in computer. You can use the type of file option to search for specific type of files, for example if you are searching for a video, it won’t bother looking for other files that are not videos that way you spend less time and effort finding what you are searching for.  Recuva can run from a USB thumb drive and can restore all file types.

Download Recuva from Filehippo
Download Recuva from Piriform

How to use Recuva:

1. Download Recuva from any of the links above

2. Install the downloaded Recuva application

3. Launch the installed Recuva program

4.  Click on next and choose the filetype you want to search and recover.

5. Choose the filetype you want to search and click next

6. If you are  not sure leave it at “I’m not sure” so your search could be spread everywhere in the computer. Then on the next screen click “Start”  to begin your search.

7.  On completion of  the search the result will be displayed for you to choose the file you want to recover.

8.  Click on it and click recover at the bottom and choose a location on your computer to restore it to.

I hope the walk-through is quite simple to understand. Now you can recover deleted files from your computer with ease.  If you have any contributions to make, please use the comment box below and tell me what you think about this blog post, feel free to share this post with your friends.  Remember to  Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email.


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