How to play video with different audio track on VLC


Just recently I downloaded a video from Youtube with a poor sound quality, I can barely hear what they were saying in the video, so I started searching the internet for an audio file of same video and luckily I got just the audio version. The first thing I checked was the play time and they were an exact match, then I was faced with a challenge of how I can play the video file together with the audio file I downloaded, I considered merging them both, I ended up downloading a lot of applications and they all couldn’t give me just what I wanted. Then I remembered VLC media player can do a lot of things, so I decided to try and see how i can play video with different audio track on VLC.

I want to share with you how you can play video with different audio track using my favorite media player VLC media player. I am assuming you already know about VLC media player and have downloaded and installed it on your computer. Now let’s get started….

How to play video with different audio track on VLC:

Step 1: Launch your VLC media player

Step 2: Click on Media > Advanced Open File

How to play a video with different audio track on VLC

Step 3: On File tab, under File Selection, click Add and locate the video you want to play. Then check ‘Show more options’ as indicated in the image below.

How to play video with different audio track on VLC

Step 4: Click on ‘Play another media synchronously (extra audio file…)’, and browse the audio file you want to play synchronously with the video you added earlier.

Step 5: Another open media tab will open, add your audio file just like you added video earlier. And click ‘Select’ below.

How to play a video with different audio track on VLC

How to play a video with different audio track on VLC

Step 6: Then click ‘Play’ to play your video with different audio in your VLC media player.

So next time you are faced with the challenge of playing a video with a different audio track, remember the steps listed here, follow them carefully and you will be able to play your video with a different audio track.

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  1. ShanTwitter: method2earn says:


    Really great tips, adding subtitle in VLC is also a great post, I have tried a lot to do it but unable to. Now by following your tips , now i am able to add it. Thanks again.

    Shan recently posted..Make Money Online with Video Sharing WebsitesMy Profile

  2. Hi Nwosu,
    I’ve always used VLC media player as the player of choice for all my media files, particularly videos. However, I never realized that you can do this with it. I tried it your trick out, but had to change audio track first in order to engage the new audio. Sweet.
    Felicia recently posted..Two Men Accused Of Robbing Women Of Her Video Poker CashMy Profile

  3. Thanks a ton man… Your post was a great help… keep posting, god bless you…

  4. oh GOD, thank you so much !

    Though I use a Mac, but this helped me SO much.

    Glad there are people like you out there !

  5. Hello,

    This was a great post. The screenshots were really helpful.

    I have one thing I’d like to mention: when playing an mp3 over an avi file that had its own sound, my VLC did not play the mp3 by default. It played the default one.

    To switch to the mp3 track, I had to go to Audio –> Audio Track –> Track 2. Then the mp3 sound played instead.

    I don’t know if this is just happening with my version but I thought it’d be helpful to add. Thanks.

    • Nwosu Mavtrevor says:

      Thanks Bluegra for your compliment and thanks for your addition. VLC just like any other media player will pick the default audio from any video file and play so you will have to tell it the other audio file you want it to play alongside the video other than the default.

  6. Hi,

    Your trick worked well for the first time, but now I am unable to watch the video again, More than honey, with the English audio!
    The documentary is More than honey with Dutch audio.
    I did find the English audio here:
    I tried several times and I always get the Dutch audio instead of the English one.
    What do I do wrong?
    Thanks for your help.

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