How to manage multiple emails with Thunderbird

What is Thunderbird: Thunderbird is a cross-platform desktop email client developed by Mozilla foundation, same company that made the Firefox browser. Thunderbird let’s you handle your email in style, giving you the opportunity of managing one or multiple email accounts at a go.  Thunderbird is also a news reader or simply an RSS reader. So with Thunderbird you can subscribe to all your favourite RSS feeds and read them on the client.

Managing multiple emails is not an easy task at all, but today I am writing this tutorial to teach you how you can manage all your email accounts from a single desktop email client called Thunderbird. I will also be teaching you how to configure it. Using Thunderbird comes with the advantage of accessing all your emails anytime, and having access to your previous emails even when you do not have an internet connection.

Most of us have multiple email accounts, I know some people that have more than 5-20 email accounts, checking this emails everyday may be taskful, and you won’t want to miss a mail just because you couldn’t check a certain mailbox. Imagine you have email accounts with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and even Webmails etc.

How to manage multiple accounts with Thunderbird.
1. Download Thunderbird

2. Install the Thunderbird

3. Launch the Thunderbird program and you will be asked if you want a new email address @

4. Click Skip this and use my existing email under except you will like to acquire a new email account @

5. Then the Mail Account Setup dialogue box will pop up, simple enter your details correctly in this format
Your name: Nwosu Desmond (replace with your own name)
Email address: (replace with your email)
Password: ********** (put your email password)

6. Then click Continue and let the program automatically obtain the incoming and outgoing server address for your email address

7. Click Create account next on successful completion of the earlier request. You can repeat this process and create all your email accounts be it Yahoo, Gmail, Msn, Hotmail or even Webmails etc.

8. Then you can use the Get mail button to retrieve and store your email messages.

You can even access your already stored mails without an internet connection once the Thunderbird client has been synchronized with your email accounts.

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