How to integrate bbpress forum into your blog

Integrating a bbpress forum into a blog is definitely a means of engaging your readers in discussions about any subject of interest. Your readers or audience can also connect with each other and share ideas about any topic in particular. I doubt so many people know that it is even possible to integrate a full or partial forum into a WordPress blog.

This is just another reason why I prefer WordPress as my blogging platform. So today I want to show you how you can integrate a bbpress forum into your blog. Follow the steps below to install and integrate a bbpress forum into your WordPress blog.

Steps to integrate a bbpress forum into your WordPress blog:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard, Click on Plugins >> Add New

Search for Forum. So many WordPress forum plugins will be listed but my best five includes bbpress, Tal.ku embeddable forums , Mingle  forum, Wp2BB and WP-forum. For the purpose of this post I will go with my best WordPress forum plugin – bbpress.

Install and activate the plugin and it will create a forum tab on your Dashboard menu.

Goto pages and create a page and call it Forum or anything you like. Customize it as you want and add the link to your blog menu or if you decide to show it anywhere on your page you can use the bbpress shortcodes. Simply see the shortcodes here. For the case of this example I will use [bbp-topic-index] to display only the latest topics on my forum page. You can also use the shortcodes to display your forum in text widgets or in pages anywhere in your blog.

Next will be to create your forums, go to the newly added Forum tab on your dashboard and click New Forum and add forums. Same goes for topics etc.

If you want users to register, you may have to allow users to register on your blog settings >> General. Under membership tick the “Anyone can register” but choose a “New user Default Role” as Forum Participant under.

Now your forum is completed, visit your forum page and see how it functions. If you have any difficulties, questions or contributions to make to this post, please use the comment box below. I hope you find this post interesting enough to share with your friends. Use the share buttons to share. Remember to Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email so you can be getting more of my posts on your email even when you are offline.


  1. @Otigainspires says

    Nice tip, needed this when i was running a news blog but not anymore, anyways no knowledge is wasted, i shall need this in future. Nice blog u’ve got here :)

  2. Nwosu Mavtrevor says

    Am glad its useful to you and others. I recently had a challenge to do such job for a client even when i never knew such existed. it was an awesome challenge as i can now boast of adding such rich knowledge to my knowledge bank and thats why i am sharing such information with you and others alike.

    Thanks for your compliment. I hope you come back regularly to read more interesting tips like this one. Share with your friends too….

  3. Donatus says

    Thank you desmond, am always happy when i visit your blog, thanks so much for this wordpress forum tips

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