How to Get Free SSL certificate from Hostgator & Godaddy

An SSL Certificate helps you encrypt data transmitted through the internet. If you own an eCommerce store or any kind of site that requires login information or financial details to be transmitted over an unsecure connection like public access WiFi hotspots, then you need an SSL certificate to protect such important information from being intercepted and hacked.

What SSL Certificates does is to encrypt your data before it’s transmitted over any network, even if such data is intercepted the encryption on it will make it impossible for it to be read. With the number of internet scams growing massively every day, the need for SSL Certificates to validate the credibility of a site is paramount.

How to Get Free SSL certificate from Hostgator & Godaddy

If you run a website that requires your customers to enter sensitive data like credit cards or any other important payment details, personal information etc then you requires an SSL certificate to gain such customer’s confidence.

My favorite SSL Certificate providers out there include Comodo, Verisign, GeoTrust and Thawte. But the cost of obtaining an SSL Certificate from such established and well-known SSL certificate providers are normally high. An SSL Certificate could cost as much as $250 or more annually and not many people can afford such.

Though some SSL Certificate reseller companies out there are offering cheap low-price SSL Certificates for a fraction of the typical SSL certificate cost, some as low as $14.99, there is also a downside to such SSL certificates. Some do not have browser recognition and when a customer cannot see the lock sign on the browser during an online transaction his confidence will wither.

How to get free SSL Certificate

The best way to get free SSL Certificate for your website will be to sign up with web hosting companies that offer one for free. Hostgator and Godaddy offer a complimentary certificate with their business or eCommerce hosting packages. Hostgator offers shared SSL Certificates for both Hatchling Plan and Baby Plan for $3.96/mo and $6.36/mo respectively but offers free Private SSL Certificate & IP for its Business Plan for $10.56/mo. GoDaddy only offer free SSL Certificates on its Ultimate hosting plan at the rate of $7.49/month. You can also sign up for GoDaddy’s Standard free SSL Certificates here.

Other webhosting companies out there such as Arvixe also offer free SSL Certificates in its hosting plans. So obtain your free SSL Certificate from any of our recommended web hosting companies and secure your website. A free SSL Certificate provides a number of benefits to online stores such as protection of customer data while making online purchases and server authentication. Win your customers trust with a free SSL Certificate today. A free SSL Certificate will secure your server with full 128/256 bit encryption and are embeddable in all browsers and devices. Free SSL Certificates offers the highest levels of online security for your customers and business.

So I hope you can now easily obtain a free SSL Certificate, if you have any more questions or contributions please use the comment below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.


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    i am planning to create an e-commerce website once i have enough time and budget for it. I also want to create my own products and sell it via web. This post is valuable for my future use. Worth sharing for twitter, google plus and facebook since others might also planning to create their own e-commerce website :)

  2. says

    Very great and depth information about SSL Certificate.
    I remembered when I first purchase my hosting and domain with bluehost, they offer me SSL Certificate.
    But at that time I was not aware with it and it’s use.
    You polish my knowledge dear Nwosu :)

  3. says

    Now I know what SSL means Nwoso lol ;)

    I had no clue about the term, even though I saw it mentioned, because I do not run an ecommerce site. Helpful to know.


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    E-Commerce sites with SSL certificates will get more sales than that of one doesn’t have it. It gives satisfaction to the customers that their sensible information (i.e: Credit card or PayPal account) are protected. Thanks for the share Nwosu.

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    Thank you Nwosu for the information. I guess for blogs, SSL won’t be essential, isn’t it.

    However, it is great saving for somebody who requires SSL if they buy hosting from Hostgator. I guess BlueHost too offers free SSL?

  6. says

    Depending on the types of blog you run, you need SSL certificate as a blogger if you want to secure your login details as well. If you are scared your login details may be intercepted maybe because you use unsecure internet WiFi connection, i will advice you to get an SSL certificate to protect yourself and your blog.

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