How to download free fonts and install on your computer

Today I want to teach you how you can download free fonts and install it on your computer. I hope you know that fonts are simply a set of type of one particular face and size of characters. You already know of some fonts like Arial, Times new Roman, Cambria etc in Microsoft word. Today I am going to teach you how you can download and install even more fanciful fonts on your computer so you can make more fanciful cards or whatever you need fonts for.

There are quite a lot of ways or places you could download free fonts from but I am going to teach you the ones I personally use and I guarantee you its safe and easy. There are quite some websites selling fonts, i wonder why anyone will buy fonts when there are easy and free ways to download free fonts, so sit back and let me teach you how you can download free fonts and install them on your computer the easy way. So lets get started…

How to Install fonts on your computer:

First you will have to download the fonts before we can proceed. Simply visit any of the download links below to download the font:

1. Google web fonts

2. Dafonts

Choose any font of your choice  from the list, you can even search for any particular font using the search box.  For Google web font, use the “Add to collection” to add all the fonts you may want to download before you download it using the “Download your collection” at the top right hand corner of the site or simply use the “Download” button on dafont to download any font of your choice from Dafont.

Once the zip folder has been downloaded, unzip it with winrar or any zip extractor you prefer. You will see a couple of files, simple ignore the rest and look for anyone that has the .ttf extension and double click on it.

Click on “Install” to install the font. Now let us go and verify if such font has been added to our computer.

Open your Microsoft Word, Copy any text from onywhere and paste on your Microsoft Word program then highhlight and text you want to change its font, go to the fonts tab.

Now you can add a lot of fanciful fonts to your computer. I hope you find this tutorial educating, tell me what you think about it with the comment box below. Feel free to share this post with your friends. I hope you read my last blog post on “How to speed up your computer with AVG PC Tuneup Utility“?  Remember to Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email.



  1. says

    Really good post Sir, I got to learn new places I could get new fonts to install on my PC. Thanks Again

  2. Becca says

    Well,Great idea you have! I have learn more ! thank you for your sharing with us!Keep it up!

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