How to convert your document files from one format to another

Have you ever received a document you couldn’t open, let’s say your boss just sent you a docx document and you are still using MS word 2003 and cannot view the file because you will need atleast MS word 2007 or MS word 2010 to view it. What do you do? No need to worry because I am going to teach you how to deal with this. Like I always said in my blog posts, Cloud computing is becoming en thing in computer technology today, no need to install file converters on your computers anymore, you can now convert your document files from one format to another online using the free web application called Cometdocs. Cometdocs is a web application that provides free online file conversion and it supports more than 50 file formats, be it PDF, DOCX,HTML, etc. This web application can help you convert it from one format to another.

How to use Cometdocs:
1. To convert a file, visit Cometdocs website , click on browse, then navigate to the file you want to convert.

Convert your document files from one format to another.

2. Select what format you want to convert your file into

3. Next enter your email address where the download link to your converted document will be sent to you. Click on the link and download your converted document. You can also sign up with Cometdocs so you won’t need to enter and confirm your email address every time you want to convert a document.

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    Online Document and file Converter is the best way to change your document from one file format to another it the easy and fastest technique to convert document.

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