How to boast your Instagram followers to increase your social output

Not long since launched now over 80 million subscribers and still counting. The instagram mobile application which is limited to mobile service only is fast gaining awareness and is fast closing in on Pinterest which is yet another social networking app with lots of fans too.

While using the app, there are some rules and guidelines one has to adhere to in order to build a substantial list of fans on instagram. However, these rules and guidelines are usually not easy (Nothing good comes easy)!

How to boast your Instagram followers to increase your social output

They rules are as follows;

Follow other users: A common way of attracting new fans and attracting them quick is by simply following other people on instagram. This is applicable also on twitter. By following someone, you will also attract their attention to view your profile and possibly follow you if they fancy you. Never follow people just for following sake! Rather, follow people that you are really attracted to or those that you fancy their works. This will prevent you from ending up with followers who are not engaged with you.  You probably will be better off with one engaged follower than a thousand of un-engaged ones who are just there for being sake.

Upload good quality photos: Another simple but yet powerful technique to attract more fans and followers which is often neglected by others is by snapping and publishing gorgeous photographs. By doing this, your viewers will think of you as a pro and will want to keep tap of your future publications by becoming your fans and following you on Instagram. Buyers don’t care if you are Nike or Adidas or even Facebook or their favorite football team – they are on Instagram for the fun of viewing breath-taking photos. Providing them with such photographs will ensure that they keep following you for any latest publications on your account.

Taking meaningless and pointless pictures that may be available everywhere is something you probably will want to avoid at all cost. For Nick Bilton who works for the New York Times, (his Instagram account has more than fifty thousand followers) he has this to say; “people are more likely to respect you for quality over quantity – yes you could take a fancy picture of your Starbucks cup but if I don’t know who you are and your photo is generic, I won’t be keeping tap you.  For you continue attracting and retaining many fans on Instagram, you should make your watch word to be “QUALITY”.

A mixture of outstanding and average photos simultaneously is not a very good thing to do because the second-rate photos can act as a turn off to your visitors – a user on Instagram is 40% more liable to un-follow you than on twitter as there is a lesser amount of social engagement.

Posting your gorgeous photos at a regular interval is the way forward rather than putting up the whole photos at once. Doing this helps to keep the attention of people following your Instagram account high and they will go on checking your photos consistently for new updates.  It is the same technique used when telling stories to small children. You don’t just give the story away in the synopsis – instead, you develop the story over time keeping their interest and desire for more high.

Utilize popular Hashtags: By tagging and classifying your photos, you expose them to greater chances of being discovered by other Instagram users. Hashtags therefore makes tagging of photos easy and stress-free. For example, if you retain a sunset picture, you can tag it with a popular #sunset tag so that it will be available with other photos that have the same tag (twitter anyone?).  People usually will search in areas that catches their fancy like; #olympics #cat #icecream.

Like and post comments on outstanding Shots: A sure way of grabbing the attention of others is by posting positive and meaningful comments on their accounts. “Like” is commonly considered as Instagram currency. Therefore using it correctly can attract more followers.

Photography, twitter and Facebook are some of the social networking applications that are powered by Instagram to help boost your online presence.

This is a guest post written by Steven Stretton, he writes for Buy Instagram Followers – a website designed to help boost your Instagram likes and instagram profile artificially. Use the comment box below to tell me what you think about this post. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Please Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email so you can be getting more of my posts on your email even when you are offline.


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