How to add a Whatsapp Profile Picture

Whatsapp is a cross-platform mobile chat messenger app which allows you to exchange instant messages (text, images and videos) with your friends without having to pay for SMS. This app is available for iPhones,  Blackberry,  Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.

So many people have been asking me how they can add Whatsapp profile picture on the mobile phones, so I have decided to write this post to teach such people and others like them how they can add a Whatsapp profile picture.

Just like in Blackberry BBM, you can add a display picture (dp) in your Whatsapp profile. To do this follow the instructions below carefully.

How to add a Whatsapp Profile Picture:

1. Download the latest version of Whatsapp (Version 2.8.11) or newer from Whatsapp

2. Install the application on your phone, if you are already a user of Whatsapp overwrite the previous version.

3. Launch your just installed Whatsapp, you will see Chats, Favorites, Contacts and Status

4. Click on Options and choose Settings, you will see General, Notifications and Network.

4. Open the General, you will see Profile name, Profile photo, Save media to and Blocked

5. Open Profile photo, click on Options and either take a new photo or choose existing one on your phone.

After you have chosen the picture of your choice, you may need to crop it and then OK it. Use the back button to navigate out of the place. You can view someone’s profile picture or dp on Whatsapp by checking the contact info of that person. Simply click on the dp to enlarge.

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  1. sarah says

    How do you change your profile picture/name on What’sApp for the new BBZ10?

    Thanks for the post!

  2. says

    Launch your Whatsapp and click on the menu button, click on Settings and select profile and tap on the space for image, locate your image on your mobile and crop it to save your profile pics.

  3. rahmer says

    I have already launch whatsapp in my phone Nokia lumia510 the problem is how do I change the previous profile picture to the new one. Kindly help

  4. Chris says

    Hey, I only have “Chats” in my WhatsApp. No “favorites”, “contacts”, or “status” or “options”. Every time I hit the whatsapp icon, my chats pop up and I can’t get anything else. What gives?

  5. Genevieve says

    Hi there, how do I assign a profile picture to my whatsapp contacts if they haven’t set one? They have a profile picture in my iPhone contact list but it doesn’t translate across to whatsapp?


  6. says

    You can’t be the one to set other’s profile picture, so simply ask the person to assign a profile picture to his account and it will reflect on yours and any other person who has him on their list.

  7. Chileshe says

    Hey, i only have “chats” in my “watsapp” no favourites, contacts, or any status options each time i log in.Samsung Galaxy III.

  8. Charles says

    I have installed WhatsApp on my VodaFone Smart Kicka VF685.
    How do I get to the Options or Menu, so that I can change my
    details and add a profile pic?

    Many thanks

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