How do i add Mashable style social subscription widget on my blog?

If there is one thing every blog has in common it’s the email subscription box. So many blogs may simply prefer to use the default subscription box given by feedburner while some others like me prefers to customize theirs. See how to customize the email subscription box.   If you see I customized my blog to this.

But today I am going to teach you even a better way of customizing the subscription box like the one on Mashable’s website .

How do i add Mashable style social subscription widget on my blog?  Follow the steps below carefully and generate the widget code for the social subscription box.

  1. Click here  to visit the widget generator and fill the subscription form.
  2. Fill in properly the “Widget Title” (though so many people prefers to leave it at Subscribe)
  3. Next enter your blog Url
  4. Choose the appropriate Width for the widget depending on the width of your sidebar where you will be placing it. Make sure the widths correspond so one will not overshoot the other.
  5. Properly fill out the form providing the right information depending on the social tools you choose to display on the subscription box. Choose yes for the ones you want to display and no for the ones you don’t want.
  6. Choose from Google+, Facebook like button, Google Button, Twitter follow Button, Email subscription and lastly choose the various social buttons and fill in their appropriate url(s), click add to add another social button.
  7. When you have filled the form appropriately as you want, click the generate button to generate the code.
  8. When you have successfully generated the code, if you are a blogger user, go to your blogger dashboard, under design tab, on your sidebar, choose “Add gadget”  , Choose the HTML/Javascript gadget and paste the code in it and save, preview your blog and see your new social subscription box.
  9. If you are a self-hosted WordPress user, Login to your dashboard, under Appearance choose the Widgets option, then drag the Text widget tool to the sidebar where you want to display it and paste the code in it and save. Preview your blog and see the social subscription box displayed on your blog.

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    Am using this widget on my WordPress blog and it has really brought me a lot of followers even from Google +

    I highly recommend it to any webmaster seeking to engage with their social media followers. You may click on my name above to see the demo :)

  2. says

    Yes it does have SEO effect, Search engines consider your social media signals as part of their ranking factor….so having a social subscription will alow your visitors follow you on social media networks.

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