How to customize Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop to look like Windows 8


Microsoft’s Windows 8  is currently one of the trending Tech topics on the internet today. It is the next version of Window’s operating system after Microsoft Windows 7.  I talked about how to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8 from Microsoft Windows 7 on one of my blog posts. You can try it out, but if you want to be patience to its final release before you upgrade but cannot wait to have a feel of all its features especially the beautiful graphic desktop of Microsoft Windows 8 then this tutorial is for you. Today I am going to teach you how you can customize your Microsoft Windows 7 desktop to look like Windows 8 UI. Now let’s get started…

Make your Microsoft Windows 7 look like Microsoft Windows 8:

To make your Microsoft Windows 7 desktop look futuristic, informative and stylish you need to download and install Omnimo and Rainmeter. On successful downloads, install Rainmeter, you may need an internet connection to complete this installation.

Extract Omnimo, double click on Setup.rmskin to install it following the instruction. Remember you may have to disable your antivirus if you are having any difficulties.

On successful installation you can go ahead and customize your desktop to your taste right from the Welcome Screen.

After the installation and customization, you can visit Omnimo add-on page to download more add-ons.

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  1. 4llerbuntu says:

    hmnn, is this a full shell or only replaces the start menu?

    how much does it kill resources on the pc?

    great post tho. wish i still used windows

  2. Yeah customizing the UI will give you an insight into Windows 8 but not d real deal. But its its still a nice way to know what windows 8 holds fr us. I once tried to download windows 8 consumer preview but couldnt finish the installation because it was too large for the internet connection speed. had to continue wif windows 7.Nice 1 though

  3. The final release it out now. check microsoft’s website

  4. Hello, Nwosu, I must say your blog is like ready to eat food. Its like every time ready to eat. I want to enjoy the food. Thanks a lot for the delicious food.

  5. This is what i am searching for. I have original version of widows 7 and i don’t want to spend more money on windows 8, so this will help me to get features like Windows 8. Thanks for share.

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