How to add subtitles to a movie using VLC media player

No one loves to watch a movie in a foreign language. I love movies but I hate seeing movies that I don’t understand a thing that is being said. Subtitles make movies fun to watch especially when they are in foreign languages. My favorite TV series most times don’t come with subtitles so I normally like adding subtitles to them before seeing them. So how do i add subtitles to a movie using VLC media player? That am about to teach you now…

How to add subtitles to a movie using VLC media player:

For you to add a subtitle to any movie, you will first have to download the subtitle file. To download the subtitle to any movies visit one of my favorite subtitle websites OpenSubtitle .You can also use or Subscene to download subtitles. Search for the subtitle of any movie of your choice and download it to your computer. Save the subtitle in the same folder where the movie file exists and rename it with the exact name of the movie file.

For example : Movie Filename: C:DocumentsmoviesHow_i_met_your_motherS01E01.mp4

Subtitle filename:

Next will be adding Subtitle in VLC media player. Launch your VLC media player; Play the movie you want to add a subtitle to, and automatically VLC media player will load the subtitles when the video starts playing.

Another way you can add a subtitle to a movie is through the “Advanced open file ” . Click on media> Advanced open file, then locate the movie and the subtitle file as illustrated on the image below.

You can also load a subtitle by clicking on Video>Subtitle track>Load file. Locate the subtitle file earlier saved in the same folder with the movie.

Now your movies/TV series will play with subtitles. You can now enjoy your movies even more.

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  1. MR Z says

    What of if someone is watching on mobile phone like android or blackberry? Does VLC works on mobiles?

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