How to add Bing Background wallpaper on Google Homepage

Google is the biggest search engine on the internet today with over 3 billion searches per day. But then you must agree with me that Bing search engine is cool and beautiful with its awesome background images. Microsoft may not have built the best search engine when it comes to the real work of search engines but they have succeeded in building the pettiest. Have you ever wished you could combine the two? Yes I have often times so I decided to look for a way of making that happen and at last I found a Google chrome extension that changed my life.

Bing wallpaper for Google homepage:

Bing wallpaper for Google homepage is a Google chrome extension  combines the beautiful looks of Bing search engine to your Google homepage to make the Google search look as awesome and Bing search engine.

How to add Bing background wallpaper to Google Homepage:

Launch your Google Chrome browser and Click here to visit the Google Chrome’s web store.

Click on “Add to Chrome” to install the Bing Background wallpaper on Google Homepage extension. A pop up will require you to click on “Add” to add the extension into your Google Chrome browser.

The Bing Background wallpaper on Google Homepage extension will now be added to your Google chrome browser. Then  open a tab and visit Google Homepage and see how it looks.

Wow! What an awesome look. Now my Google Homepage has Bing’s wallpaper background. You really need to have this.  Yet another reason why Google Chrome is the best browser.

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