Holiday Recreation: How to Choose a Gaming Console

Hard core gamers always prefer gaming consoles to personal computers. If you are planning to gift a gaming console, to someone near and dear, then these tips will help you identify your preferred choice. All options in home consoles are comparable in features and experience. The console that features the attributes that would best suit you is the requirement for the day.

There are three basic models in consoles that you should take note of. The handheld consoles are for gaming on the move. The handheld consoles are portable and some even feature touch screens, in addition to hand controls. PlayStation Go and PlayStation Vita are good options in this category.

Gaming Consoles, Gaming consoleThe second in line are wired devices, which are in vogue, amid the gaming crowd for they offer superior experiences for all game varieties, whether it is multiplayer or combat variants. The new additions to the console list are the motion gaming consoles. All these three categories of consoles are featured by the leading brands in the market that are Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Sony PlayStation 3

Amid the different consoles, Sony PlayStation 3 is geared for performance. Games like Grand Turismo 5, Heavy rain, and God of War III are part of the featured list that prompts gamers to opt for PlayStation 3. High Definition 3D gaming support gives an all-new feel to game play. The availability of 3D Blu-ray support, allows us to play Blu-ray discs with movie content. The PlayStation 3 allows media streaming from your personal computer, and features several video options that are made available through the interface named XrossMediaBar. Apart from gaming, this provides for unlimited multimedia that enhances user experiences.

Microsoft Xbox 360

You have access to a list of blockbuster games in Microsoft Xbox 360 like Halo and Gears of War, Forza Motorsport and the like. If you prefer online gaming and have game-partners in Xbox Live, gaming in Xbox 360 will be an enjoyable experience. The availability of NetFlix, Flicker, and Facebook provides for rich multimedia content. The user interface of Xbox 360 is organized and easy to use.

Nintendo Wii

The unique feature of Nintendo Wii is its game pad that has manual controls and additional touch screen similar to a tablet. You can stream HD videos from various modes like YouTube and Netflix either in your console or in your gamepad. If playing classic games are in your priority list, Nintendo Wii offers New Super Mario Bros and other classics in your game list.

Motion-control Gaming

Motion gaming consoles require physical movements for play, which are detected by sensors for gaming action. Microsoft leads the chart with Kinect for Xbox 360 followed by PlayStation Move from Sony. Sensors that track movement are utilized for PlayStation Move whereas Kinect has speech recognition and sensors to track movements without a handheld controller. The experience in Kinect is superior to that of the PlayStation Move. However, PlayStation Move offers a larger collection of games for playing in motion-control mode.

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If you go by hardware each one of the consoles is constructed for intensive gaming. The presence of additional features that add to the gaming experience, differentiate one console from the other. It is wise to choose a console that suits your style of gaming rather than go for the one that is the most popular.


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