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I have been a web designer for more than 7 years now and I have developed and designed so many website. I am an expert in WordPress, Blogger and Joomla blogging platforms.  In the past I have been a freelance copy-editor and blogging consultant.

I would love to help you get your website/blog started, or help you improve an existing one.

I offer comprehensive blog consulting services for those who don’t know where and how to go about blogging.

I offer copy-writing services. If you are having a difficult time developing content, I can assist you with that. I can help you develop or write new content, or polish and edit existing ones.

I can also help you research the type of content you’ll need for SEO.

I can manage your blog for you- in other words, I could take the content you’ve written, polish and edit it, schedule it to publish on designated day of the week for you, in addition to keeping the back end and plugins updated.

I offer basic design services as well and can also help you customize your theme; I can also help you select a professional-looking free or premium theme.

Other services I render are as follows:
Web/Blog Development including ADSENSE INTEGRATION (you will have to get the approval)
SEO Optimization (Making your site/blog rank well in Google and other search engines)
Link Submissions
Social Media Integration/Marketing (Facebook, Twitter) for your businesses, organizations etc
Graphics/Logo Design, General image editing.
WordPress/Blogger Blog modification (custom domain name)

If you are interested in any of the above services, please fill out the form below and contact me to get a free quote and/or recommendations.