Google Plus keyboard shortcuts

Google Plus keyboard shortcuts allow you to easily navigate your way through the social network with less dependence on your mouse.  Google Plus developers introduced this feature in Google Plus as an edge to make your experience with the social network even more fun. I’ve compiled a list of the Google Plus keyboard shortcuts and hope they can really help you to navigate through the Google Plus interface easily.

Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts:

Below is a table of the Google Plus keyboard Shortcuts i compiled for your easy navigation through the Google Plus interface.

Nos Keys Action
1 J Scroll down to next Google+ stream update
2 K Scroll up to previous Google+ stream update
3 Q (Twice) Move cursor to “chat” search box
4 Space or Page Down Scroll down stream by regular intervals
5 Space + Shift Scroll up stream by regular intervals
6 Tab + Enter Publish comment
7 N Next comment on current post
8 P Previous comment on current post
9 R Comment on current post
10 / Search
11 ? Open shortcut help
12 ? List of pages (‘Enter’ opens selected page)
13 ? Page content
14 + + followed by a username is used to mention someone in a post or share the post with them
15 * Use the * symbol to denote the beginning and end of bold text- *This would appear bold in Google+*
16 _ Use the _ symbol to denote the beginning and end of italics text– _This would appear in italics in Google+_
17 Use the – symbol to denote the beginning and end of strikethrough text- -This would appear in strikethrough in Google+-

Below is the Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts in picture. I hope you make use of it so as to enjoy Google Plus even more.

Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts

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