Google Chrome:Use Google Chrome as a music player for your computer

I know you will probably see me as a lover of Google Chrome as you can easily argue that I write about Google Chrome always, yes I am not in denial. I love Google Chrome and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. Google Chrome has the potential of doing a lot of things and that includes being used as a music player for your computer. Wow! I know that’s what is going on in your mind now and you can wait to get started.

Some people spend their time on the browser alone; going to play music from the computer media player is like a big task for them. I am going to teach you how you can use Google Chrome as a music player for your computer. Now let us see how this is possible…

How to Use Google Chrome as a music player for your computer:

There are a lot of Google Chrome extensions that will turn your browser into a full featured music player.

Default Google Chrome music player: By default Google Chrome has an inbuilt music player, all you need to do is drag any music to your Google Chrome and start playing it. The tab will simply turn into a slick music player with a black background and your song will immediately begin to play.

Local Player: Local player is a music player on your browser for Local files. You can simply drag any mp3/ogg music files you want to play on it or add music folder/files using the ‘+’ button and the player will start playing the music dropped on it. You can play, pause, skip tracks on this Google Chrome browser music player.

Media Player: Media player lets you play both online and offline media files on your browser. If you know the URL to any song, type it in the URL bar and start playing it. You can also drag and drop music files on the player to start playing.

Achshar Player:  Achshar Player is a powerful local music player that can run offline and as a background app it can play music in hidden mode, even after you have closed all the browser window it can still continue to play. It was made with Google Chrome’s inbuilt html5 audio player which can make it play almost any music format. It can group music by artist/albums and has a lot of other features like play, pause and skip to next track.

MP3 Player: MP3 Player is yet another music player for Google Chrome. You can listen to your MP3 files from your computer or any storage device. You can even store the media files on the browser so you don’t have to import them each time you want to use this media player.

Google Chrome has once again shown to be more than a browser, you will agree with me that it is more fun this way listening to your favorite musics on your browser and probably using the same browser to do some other thing like browsing/surfing the web. Now you don’t have to minimize your browser to go open a music player to play your musics.

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    Thank you for featuring Achshar player! I hope you liked it and do click help in settings menu if you need any :)

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