Gmail SMS: Send and receive your Gmail messages via SMS

Email has become a very important part of our everyday lives. We use emails to communicate with friends and relatives, apply for jobs, receive notifications from online services like social media networks, newsletter subscriptions etc. Now receive your Gmail messages via SMS to your mobile phones even without an internet connection. Google launched a Gmail SMS service that allows Gmail to receive, reply and send emails as SMS using their mobile phones, regardless of whether you have a data connection like wifi or 3G.

This feature is currently only available to those in Ghana, Kenya, or Nigeria who have an email address ending in “”.  Gmail users can send, reply and receive email as SMS on their mobile phone using this service.

How to configure your Gmail account to send and receive your messages to your phone vis Gmail SMS:

Login to your Gmail account, click on your profile image on the extreme right corner of your browser and click on “Account”.

Click on the Google + tab, under phones choose on “Add phone number”, select your country and type in your phone number and click on the “Send verification code” button.

A 6-digit verification number will be sent to the phone number you just entered above, then enter it on the verification code box on the site and click “Confirm”.

Note: While the Google SMS may be free you may be charged the cost of sending SMS by your local network provider when you send a reply or message via this application.

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    People can skip out all other information, but they definitely check their sms and thus information reached to them on time.

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