Giveaway #3: Win 250 x 250 Banner Ads Space on Netmediablog

I have decided to reward my regular visitors by introducing a weekly Giveaway on a my blog, I intend to let this giveaway run throughout this month as four winners will be rewarded with a 250 x 250 Banner Ads space for a week each on this blog – Netmediablog.

Blogging is not about taking alone; one should learn how to give as well. So I have decided to run this giveaway in 4 steps. I will allow a winner to emerge every week and the winners 250 x 250 banner ads will be displayed on my blog for a week while the subsequent giveaways will be running, once a new winner emerges for the second week the ads will be changed until four winners have emerged.

How to enter Giveaway:

Simply login to the giveaway with your Facebook account, complete the tasks on the giveaway and anyone with the highest number of points will be declared winner. The tasks are pretty simple and I hope you complete them without much hassles.

Now here is the giveaway for you to complete, I hope you win.

If you have any questions regarding the giveaway please don’t hesitate to use the contact form on the contact page to reach me or you can as well drop your question on the comment section below.

Who is Eligible?

This giveaway is for everyone, you can participate in it as long as you desire to. Simply carry out all the tasks in the giveaway and stand a chance of winning an advertising space on this blog. Invite your friends, invite everyone to come and take part in this giveaway.

Note: Winners are expected to send their 250 x 250 banner ads from the day they are declared winners so i can immediately place it on my blog. The banner ads will last one week (7 days) for each winner.


  1. says

    Cool idea Nwosu!

    Giving freely precedes receiving in any venture. If you help others to expand their presence others help you.

    What a wonderful idea…..thanks!

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