Fztvseries New site MobileTVshows.net is back online


Months after Fztvseries was shut down everyone have been looking for free TV series download sites, I have personally shared some fztvseries alternatives on this blog. But today I am happy to announce to you that Fztvseries new site called MobileTVshows.net is back online.

MobileTVshows.net is back online today weeks after Fztvseries promised a new site will be announced on their Twitter page.

Fztvseries New site MobileTVshows.net is back online

This time we hope the fztvseries new site – mobiletvshows.net don’t go away as before. Now you can go back and start downloading your high quality mp4 TV series, I bet many of you missed your favorite TV series, I did too.

Movies are listed just same way it used to be listed on fztvseries and you can also download your favorite TV series with your PC or mobile. Mobile phone users should use the UCweb browser and PC users should ensure to use Internet download manager for uninterrupted downloads.

Fztvseries new site – mobiletvshows.net is loaded with a lot of TV series for your free downloads. I hope they have finally resolved whatever issues they had with Fack Uk so they won’t have to go away again.

MobileTvshows.net contains video downloads like Cartoon/Anime, Documentaries in Mobile, Indian TV Shows, Videos for PC etc.  Remember to share this post with your friends and tell them that fztvseries is back, better and smarter as MobileTvshows.net. Download your favorite TV series and enjoy a great season of movies as fztvseries new site mobiletvshows.net is back online.

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  1. Thanks Nwosu seems like u never stop to outdo my expectations. U’re such a hero

  2. thanks for the update.but it seems like the new updates are not working yet.the home page and the old tv shows are working.

  3. The site isn’t fully back up yet,no recent series have been downloaded

  4. Thank you, thank you,thank you, Nwosu! You have just made an “home executive”(glorified housewife) very very very very happy. Keep up the good work, we love you!

  5. And to all those impatient people – chill the eff out, it doesn’t take a magic wand waved over the sites to make them work. It takes a while to restructure everything. CHILL OUT

  6. I just wished Telenovelas could b downloadable….bcos their are amazingly lots of them

  7. I am glad you had to write about this, it is worth the time. Thank you and keep us updated Nwosu.

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