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Free online backup services are cloud storage and sync services that allow us backup our files and data on the cloud for free.  The birth of Cloud computing brought about this innovation, some years ago there used to be limited options when it comes to backing up our data and files.  We relied on Hard disks to do all our backups. Hard disks are unpredictable and are normally prone to failure. Cloud backup is the best form of backup.

Online backup services come in both free and premium packages. The only difference though is in the storage spaces provided, every other feature most times are pretty much the same for both free and premium services. Most computer home/office users do not have more than 50GB worth of data to backup. Even if you have 200GB worth of data to backup, you can combine several free online backup services to achieve this.

Backing up your data and files on the cloud will give you 24/7 access to your files from any computer, Smartphone or even tablets provided it has an internet connection.  The main requirements to consider while choosing an online backup service includes Storage Size, Document Synchronization, Reliability of service and mostly security of your files. So having considered all these, I am going to give you the Top Free Online Backup Services on the internet.

Free Online Backup Services:

aDrive:  aDrive offers a free 50GB plan for just registering. aDrive comes in Personal, Business and Enterprise plans. But as a free personal plan user, you can store your files and data in the free 50GB storage space given to you. You can access your data anytime and anywhere with no restrictions, you can even share large files online with your friends. Other features include remote file transfer, easy search tool, international character support and edit option for your documents.

Windows Live SkyDrive: Windows Live SkyDrive is an online backup service owned by Microsoft the internet giant. SkyDrive offers a hefty 25GB worth of free storage space to all users. With no need for installing an application all you have to do is login to your Windows Live SkyDrive account, drag and drop the files you want to backup into the folders.  SkyDrive has quite some interesting features which includes the ability to create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc from SkyDrive, automatic syncing ability to any folder you’ll like to sync, you can share files with anyone as well etc.

DivShare:  DivShare is yet another online backup service that offers 20GB worth of storage space for free. Its features include low bandwidth cost, detailed file reporting, high-availability network architecture etc. You can store your important data and files on DivShare for free.

4Shared:  4Shared offers 10GB worth of free storage space for its free users. 4Shared is offers 24/7 technical support, allows you access to your data anytime. You can even join this free online backup service with your Twitter, Facebook or Google accounts. is yet another online backup service that offers you 10GB worth of storage space for free.  You can even earn more 6GB by just referring your friends. You can as well access your files from anywhere or from any device. It is available for several OS.

There are so many other free backup online services platforms on the internet like MiMedia Free (7GB),  AVG LiveKive (5GB), Comodo Backup (5GB),  (5GB),  (5GB), ( 5GB),  (5GB), ( 5GB),  ( 2GB), MozyHome Free (2GB), SpiderOak   (2GB), ( 2GB),  (2GB),  (2GB),  (1GB), (1GB), (1GB), ( 1GB) etc.

Why you should backup your files online:

Easy access to your files from anywhere in the world and from any device

Easy way of managing your files

No maintenance needed

24/7 availability

Easy Data/file sharing

Hidden storage locations

Multiple compatibility with several OS

Online backup services is a better option when it comes to backing up out important data and documents. The old conventional method is not as safe as the online backup services. No need to carry your backups around, no need to hire technical staff to backup or restore your data from a hard disk. There is nothing disheartening than a failed hard disk with a lot of important information. There are no guarantees with recovering data from a failed hard disk. But with Online backup services, your data is safer as these services backup your data on several servers and most of them run daily backups.

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  1. Chique Weiz says

    This is a Great Information. I have experienced collapse of hard drives and unfortunately the retrieval software that i used have not retrieved the important files. Glad that there’s a reliable back up services now.

  2. Nwosu Mavtrevor says

    storing your data on the cloud is far more a safer means of backing up your data as it gives you the flexibility of accessing your data from anywhere in the world at any time with any device.

  3. says

    We will soon be storing everything on our PC on a cloud service when network speeds get quicker and more reliable.

  4. says

    The one i have been using for long now is 4shared and it has never disappoint me yet, though it is always good to have alternative to be on the safe side.
    thanks bro.

  5. says

    I have never used cloud storing to keep data safe, but i have been in much suffering for thAT, i once lost most of my data because of that. so i will always recommend keep all your valuable data safe.

  6. says

    yeah when it comes to free online backup, i always vouch for 4share, theybare really wonderful.
    have you tried them before @Nwosu Mavtrevor

  7. says

    it was of recent i heard about free online cloud hosting, and the first website recommended to me was Windows Live SkyDrive, and sincerely, they are the best, since they are owned by gaint business mogul, Microsoft.
    their service is really wonderful

  8. says

    Cloud computing has become one of the major source for backing up data. Cloud service can be used in cellphones, laptops, personal computers, and other devices.We cant carry a pendrive and in some case accessing the work is not possible.

  9. says

    I always advice my friends to back up their data, and thanks to the free online backup that is available online. thanks Mavtrevor, my best free online backup is 4shared, but it is always adviceable to use more thAn one.

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