Free Data Recovery Tools: Recover your deleted files

With free data recovery tools, you won’t have to lose your data when your hardware is not damaged anymore. There is still a chance you can recover your lost data. With one of the following free data recovery tools you can save your data from getting forever lost. There is even a chance files you accidentally deleted or emptied from your Recycle Bin can still be recovered using free data recovery tools.

Before I continue with this blog post, I will recommend that the best way to ensure you don’t lose your important files and data is to backup regularly to a secure location. Data backup will even take you less time and resources compared to losing your files and trying to recover them. There is no 100% certainty you MUST recover all your lost files or data with any free data recovery tool.

Free Data Recovery Tools:

Recuva: Recuva is a free data recovery tool that recovers files deleted from your Windows, Recycle Bin, Memory Cards or MP3 player. So if you accidentally deleted an important file, or maybe your computer crashed and your hardware is still alright, with Recuva you can recover your lost data/files. With its in-built wizard, you can narrow your search to photos, videos, music and even documents for faster search. You can decide the drive to search as well.

Restoration: The Restoration data recovery program yet another free data recovery tool and its quite is similar to Recuva discussed above. Just like Recuve, Restoration can recover files from hard drives, USB drivers, external drivers and even Memory cards. Restoration supports most Windows OS. The best part of it is that you do not necessarily need to install this application. Once you download it and extract you can run it right from its extracted folder.

Undelete 360: Another amazing free data recovery tool is the Undelete 360, just like its name it gives the deleted file a 360 degrees undelete action. Files recently deleted by accident can be recovered with Undelete 360. It can be used to recover lost files or data from hard drives, USB drivers, flash memory etc

PC Inspector File Recovery: PC inspection file recovery is a sure way to recover files that have been deleted, formatted over or lost due to repartitioning.  Of course it’s free as well. Supports most Windows OS. I may not rate it the best free data recovery tool but it gets the job done when I call on it to.

Undelete Plus: Do you know that when you hold down SHIFT + DELETE keys it deletes files completely without sending them into the Recycle Bin? If you accidentally deleted some Important files Undelete plus is your quick and effective way to recover your files.

Wise Data Recovery: Wise data recovery is a free file recovery tool that can easily recover lost files from hard disks and storage memory. Wise data recovery tool can recover images, documents, audios, videos, compressed email files or compessed files. You can search using the file type, file name or can even specify a drive to search.

Which free data recovery tool have you ever used? Share your experience with us. If there are other good free data recovery tools you felt i should have added to the list, use the comment box below to suggest it.

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