Features of I’m watch Android Smart watches

As if smartphones and tablets weren’t enough, the market is now ready to embrace the latest in smart watches – the I’m watch. A lot of smart watches that came out before couldn’t really capture the imagination of people, probably because they were pretty ugly and not something that you’d want to wear unless you wanted people to mistake you going for a space-science fiction expo. But with the new I’m Watch, that problem seems to have been solved. It may not be the sleekest of watches, but it is pretty good looking as far as smart watches go, and what’s more, it is Android supported, has a Bluetooth connectivity, and functions much like the smartphone, that you can answer calls and check your emails over it.

Features of I’m Watch Android Smart watches:

Here are just a few features you’d find the smart watches worth exploring for.

Get it in analogue and digital format: Which is kind of cool because it is after all a watch, and by having this option, the makers seem to remember that important fact. For style issues, this may be a winner.

Ability to work as a phone: Wherein you can receive calls while seeing on your little watch screen who is calling you. You can also answer calls without an external microphone or speaker set as the watch comes with an inbuilt mic and speaker. You can call by tapping in the numbers like you do for your smartphone or access the address book which the makers have so thoughtfully included. There is also text messaging in the watch, which you can check out as a preview instead of going to inbox to read it. Saves a lot of time, definitely.

Music: Yes, the watch comes with a music download option as well. This is just a whole new dimension of music sharing and listening, when you can check out the latest tracks from your watch! There is also the option of an alarm you can set and keep your alarm tone as a favorite track from your music library. You can even listen to radio with this Android based device.

Style and utility quotient: The watch comes in different colors, white, pink, blue, red, and green being just a few. Utility wise, it is compatible to the Blackberry, to any Android phone and the iPhone as well as the Symbian. The battery life is pretty decent, with up to 24 hours while on Bluetooth on. It supports a variety of languages too, English, French, Finnish, Arabic, Turkish, Thai and many others. And it’s only about 70 grams so it won’t feel like you’re weighing your wrist down. Welcome to the future!

Other features: With I’m Watch Android Smart watches, you can download music and apps from I’m Store. View your iPhone’s photo collection, View stock exchange market data, recieve calendar notifications and appointments, Recieve Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare notifications, see whether forcast for your city, recieve and send emails etc.

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