Facebook Status Ideas that can encourage engagement

Yesterday I covered a topic about “How to improve Facebook post reach without spending money”, explaining how Facebook post reach depends on engagement. Some of you sent me an email asking me to specifically state examples of Facebook Status ideas that can encourage engagement.

Today I want to share some examples of Facebook status ideas that can encourage your fans/friends to engage with your posts either by liking, commenting, sharing or even clicking on links. So if you haven’t read the previous article about “how to improve Facebook post reach without spending money” I will suggest you do so now.

Facebook Status Ideas that can encourage engagement

Facebook ranks every status update you publish by the engagement on it, status updates that rank high tends to be seen by more people. And the status update ranking factors are simply LIKES, COMMENTS, CLICKS, SHARES simply termed as engagement.

So to rank your status updates and make it seen by more people, it should be made popular, relevant and recent.

But how does one make a status update popular? That is exactly the essence of this article. Try the tips below for higher status update ranking and reach.

1. Ask Questions: Questions are known to encourage engagement especially when it’s simple to answer and a little bit controversial. Ask questions that can instigate competition among fans/friends and you will be encouraging more engagement.

Example 1: Why are Mondays the hardest day of the week?

Example 2: What State are you from and what makes it the best State in Nigeria?

Looking at the two examples, which do you think will most likely get the most engagement? Example 2 of course, because you have not only created competition by leveraging on people’s love for their place of origin, you have also created a question that will get you more engagements and thus more reach.

You get the idea? Do not ask questions that will require serious tinkering to answer, ask simple and yet personal questions that can cause people to want to defend themselves and thus respond to win.

2. Fill in the blank: Another type of Facebook stats idea that can encourage engagement is the fill-in-the-blank type of update.

Post fill in the blank updates that require one word and answer and you will encourage people to easily reply and thus improve engagement and thus Facebook post reach in the process.

Example: Fill in the blank: _____ gives me most satisfaction.

3. Target different demographics of fans: Within your audience you may have different demographics, targeting the different demographics will cause a kind of competition that can improve engagement and reach.

Let’s say you have 10k fans, there are probably males and females among them. Targeting the females in an update can cause the male to contribute more in defense of themselves provided you don’t sound so sexist. Remember to do same for the opposite sex with time.

Example: Women are the most creative species of humans, agreed or not?

4. Post Photos and ask questions with them: You can post a photo of a place and ask your fans to identify the place. Remember this may depend on your understanding of your fans demography. If you know where most of your fans are from, then you can use a general image most of them will understand, you won’t have fans from China and be asking them to identify a photo in Nigeria.

It has to be some place you are certain they can easily identify so as to encourage them to engage with it.

Facebook Status Ideas that can encourage engagement

5. Discuss the news: This is another trick to get your fans to engage with your update. People often hear the news but may not talk much about it because they don’t have a central place to talk about it.

Discussing news will simply encourage them to let out their contribution, rage, anger and feelings about the incident.

6. Contests: Hosting contest is another way to encourage engagement and improve post reach. How about you give away something for your fans contributions such as comments and likes/shares etc?

It could be recharge cards or anything you know people will easily want. Say you will give away a certain amount of recharge card voucher for every engagement milestone such as 100th comment, 50 likes, 30 shares etc.

Host such contests from time to time and see how your reach will explode within a short period of time. People love freebies and won’t mind engaging all day to win something.

What do you think about these Facebook Status Ideas that can encourage engagement?

Which do you think could be most engaging? Which of these tips have you tried in encouraging engagement on your Facebook status updates? Let me hear your contributions or questions in the comments below.


  1. says

    Wonderful post, yeah you are right about the attractive images which is very useful for engagement I guess. Actually we can experiment these sort of things at our pages and then count the exact engagement.

    Thanks for the tips.

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