Facebook Social Plugins to improve your Site Traffic


Do you want more traffic to your site? Are you wondering how to get more people to visit your site? Do you want to drive more traffic from Facebook? Which Facebook social plugins can improve your site traffic?

In this article today I want to share with you some Facebook social plugins that can greatly improve your site traffic. These Facebook social plugins will automatically make your site social by default as it will be easy to show your visitors contents they would prefer based on their Facebook preferences and what their friends liked.

The Facebook Social plugins will also improve your site traffic by showing your visitors which of their friends have also visited your site; allow them to engage with their friends about the contents on your site, these plugins can even allow friends to recommend articles for their friends and most importantly share your content to the various social networks especially Facebook.

Facebook Social Plugins

1. The Like Button: The Facebook like button allows your site visitors to share your content to their Facebook walls with just a single click. Simply add the Facebook “Like Button” on every page on your site so as to make it easy for your visitors to “Like” your content and get it shared on their Facebook profile instantly.

Facebook social plugins to improve your site traffic

When contents are “Liked” from your site and get shared on the visitor’s Facebook profile, all his/her friends will see it and may most likely follow it to your site. Friends often have same preferences and it is more likely friends will like same contents. So take advantage of this fact and drive more traffic from Facebook to your site today using the Like Button Facebook Social Plugin.

2. Facebook Like Box: The Facebook Like Box allows your site visitors to “Like” your site’s Facebook Page. This Facebook social plugin will often show the faces of people who liked your site’s Facebook Page and it’s often sorted out to show your visitor’s Facebook friends.

When your visitors like your site’s Facebook page, they will see your posts on their timeline and your page stream when you publish contents. This has been a wonderful means of driving massive traffic to a site from Facebook. Ensure to get more people to like your Facebook page or add a Facebook Like Box on your site to get your visitors to like your page and you are sure they will continue to see your contents whenever you publish your contents and are most likely to visit again.

3. Recommendations Box: The Facebook Social Plugin called Recommendation Box is a way to simply show off your popular articles to your visitors. When you add the Facebook Recommendations Box on your site, your popular contents get displayed in it and the number of people who have interacted with that content is shown alongside such contents.

Facebook social plugins to improve your site traffic - Recommendations Box

This Facebook Social plugin – Recommendations Box shows not just the popular posts on your site, but the number of people who liked it and can show which of your friends recommended the content when you are logged in on Facebook on same browser. I recommend you add this Facebook Social plugin to your site if you want to improve your site traffic through Facebook.

4. Recommendation Bar: The Recommendation Bar is the Facebook Social plugin that shows a popup box to a visitor on your site when they scroll down on a page. This Social plugin can recommend related posts to visitors liked by other people.

You can display the Recommendation Bar with a Like or Recommend button in the upper-left corner of the Recommendation Bar. When a visitor clicks on the Like or Recommend button, the information is sent to the Activity area of the readers’ Facebook Timelines and also appears in the Ticker for their friends to see.

The Recommendation Bar is one of my favorite must use Facebook Social Plugins for a blog as it will greatly improve your site traffic through the recommendations it makes to your visitors. In fact it is known to have a higher conversion rate than the Recommendation Box.

How to add the Facebook Social Plugins to your site

If you use WordPress, simply search through your WordPress Plugin directory or the WordPress repository for “Facebook”, install and activate the plugin. This Facebook Plugin adds Facebook Social Plugins – Recommendations Bar, Recommendations Box, Like, Send and follow buttons, Like Box etc to your site.

Facebook social plugins to improve your site traffic

If your site is not a WordPress site, you may have to use the Facebook Developers site to manually create and apply the codes on your site. Simply choose the Social plugin you want from the top left corner of the page and customize the options as you desire, copy the generated code to your site to display the social plugin.

Choosing what’s best for your site:

You know your site better than me of course and you know how your visitors best interact on your site, so you can decide which Facebook Social Plugins will work best for your site.  Choose the best Facebook Social plugins and implement on your site immediately to improve your site traffic now.

Do you like this article “Facebook Social Plugins to improve your Site Traffic“? Share your thoughts about the Facebook Social plugins with me using the comment form below. What Facebook Social plugins do you use on your site? What has been your experience with it? Which do you recommend for people and why? Remember to also subscribe to my blog while you are on it.

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  1. Hiiii.. @Nwosu
    wow! First time i learn this Secret. Because some person told me that “You must to Share your Blog on Social Networks to Get Likes, Share ” So, Now today i know complete about it.
    But Bro.. I’m Getting traffic but Mostly New Visitors how to Make huge Network of Visitors on Blog ??

  2. Hello Nwosu,

    Thanks for sharing this useful plugins finally i found it…

  3. Hi Nwosu,

    Making your blog’s presence felt on Social media is essential. The benefits of doing so are many. It ranges from driving more traffic to establishing a ‘brand’ value and social proof for your blog.

    Among the loads of social sites, Facebook stands a big player. To be honest, I get most of my traffic from there. Further, I also network with fellow bloggers there.

    You covered tools ranging from the humble like button to the recommendation bar. Without doubt, these plugins are unavoidable.


  4. Hi Nwosu,
    Thank you so much for sharing such a Awesome post about FB Social Plugins.
    I am using Like Button,CommentBox and Share Button on my blog. They are bringing me extra traffic every single day. I highly recommend FB Like and share button!!

    Anyway From last few weeks I am facing a problem in my blog while sharing posts in FB. When I try to post my blog posts on pages or groups, wrong thumbnail is diplayed. I tried FB Debugger but everyhting is correct and it displays correct thumbnail image. I would be glad if you can help me.


  5. Nice post Nwosu. Facebook can be a goldmine for traffic and new readers, but most do not understand how to capture the audience on Facebook.

  6. Useful post to get good traffic through Facebook plugin :)

    Getting good social signals for the blog post is essential these days, so will try to get the details of this plugin to add to my WP blog.

    Keep writing Nwosu :)

  7. I have added this facebook like plugin on every post on my blog, but i didn’t know facebook will automatically allow it to share it on wall,. Thanks Nwosu for this tips because atleast it will drive a little draffic

  8. Facebook is one of my major sources of traffic where I’m getting TARGETED visitors for my site. I found Facebook interesting to me than Twitter and Google+ as many of my friends are active there.

    I’m started using Facebook recommendation box just after reading this post.

    BTW, there’s some problem with your CommentLuv plugin as it is saying “Internal Server Error.undefined”


  9. Hi Nwosu,

    Awesome post….nicely written and beautifully explained….Facebook is one of the most promising place to promote a blog…It has huge potentialities….. Some of the Facebook groups are awesome, and with proper managing a Facebook Page can deliver results like a charm…..
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  10. Awesome post! Yes i agree with you facebook social plugin will really help to drive traffic from it. And the best plugin i liked is recommended post which is really helpful for readers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’m blogging with WordPress’s free version. Will the plugins you describe above work with the free version, or is a pro version of WordPress required?

  12. I use the facebook like button and also the fanbox as it works wonder for my site

  13. This is way i like WordPress,due to large community you can always find a solution for any problems or needs that may occur when using this platform.

  14. Really Awesome Post about facebook social plugins,its really great plugin thanks a lot for sharing.

  15. Facebook is one of the best way to promote your site OR promote your content socially. But most of the people are not aware “How to Do it?”. This is one of the great resource for facebook promotion.

  16. Hello Netmediablog Owner

    Its Really nice Tips About Facebook plugin Its Really help us for increase our facebook activity and increase our blog traffic.I am already using come plugins for improve my blog traffic like recommed plugin, like button, like us on facebook. Your Article Is Really Awesome and readable thank you for sharing.

  17. I use Facebook for improving my site rankings. I love it and put more efforts to drive more traffic on my site. Thanks for the article! Informative!

  18. Really Awesome Post about facebook social plugins I use the facebook like button and also the fanbox as it works wonder for my site

  19. Its Really nice Tips About Facebook plugin Its Really help us for increase our facebook activity and increase our blog traffic.

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