Facebook Messenger for Android: faster way to message on your Android

Facebook Messenger for Android is an Android app that lets you connect and chat with your Facebook friends from your Android device. Many android users are already using Facebook messenger for android.

Features of the Facebook Messenger for Android:

1.  This app let’s you do the following:

2.  Text a friend or start a group conversation

3.  Get free push notifications so you never miss a message

4.  Access chats and messages as seamless conversations — wherever you log into Facebook

5.  Know who’s seen your message, and who hasn’t

6. Include your location and share photos

7. The best part of this app is that Facebook will send an SMS notification of your messages to any of your friends whose numbers are listed on their profile who are not using this app but are on your Facebook friend list.

 8. Another great feature of the Facebook Messenger for Android is that it shows you if someone has read the messages you’ve sent them.

How to install Facebook messenger for android:

Simply visit the Google Play website or Android Marketplace on your Android device and search for Facebook messenger. You will find the app, make sure it was made by Facebook.

Click on the install button to get the app installed on your Android device. On successful installation, launch your Facebook Messenger for Android app and start chatting with your Facebook friends.

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  1. says

    It seems this has almost the same UI as tweetdeck just that this focuses on only facebook. nice 1
    for more info, read on tweetdeck:its an extension that works on google chrome and android OS only.

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