Facebook advertising: Is it worth investing in?

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This is a question most people who are new to social advertising often ask. Facebook advertisement has been around for a while and yet many people are still skeptical about its effectiveness.

In this article I want to look at the claims and myths of Facebook advertising for you to consider if it is worth investing in or not. In my many years’ experience as a blogger, I have come across several means of traffic generation for blogs and many people will still tell you that SEO is the only way to go.

Well that many not necessarily be true as I have found out myself. The two major ways to drive quality traffic to any website is through search engine and social media. A lot of people hang out on the social media websites such Facebook, twitter and Google+, socializing and interacting with their friends and family.

Facebook advertising: Is it worth investing in?

Putting your brand or product on Facebook can bring a big boost to your business as you will literarily be putting it in the faces of millions of these people who spend all day hanging out there.

For years I believed SEO is the only sure way to drive quality traffic to my blog, not until recently I decided to give Facebook advertising a trial and the result has been tremendous. Social media advertising in recent times has grown into a major advertising channel for businesses both small and big.

Facebook advertising is designed in a way to target either broad or specific audience. Let’s say you offer cheap web designing services, there are so many people out there looking for where they can get cheap web hosting services. The only thing keeping you from reaching them is ONLY putting your offer to their faces.

Facebook advertising will enable you reach any type of audience, whether broad or exact just as you have in Google adwords. Targeting the right audience can increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Most people get Facebook advertisement wrong when they target the wrong audience, you must use the INTEREST option in Facebook advertisement very well to get the right result.

You can target audience based on a lot of options such as location, interest, age and even sex. If you sell female products it will be best to target only females who use your products.

Some people just place Facebook ads without targeting the right audience and when it doesn’t perform well they cry foul all over. Get your targeting right and get the best result.

Does Facebook Advertising worth the investment?

This is the main question I intend to answer in this article. Facebook runs different models of advertisement it’s left for you to find which works best for you and use it. Facebook advertising may not give you instant result, you need to spend some time tweaking and tailoring your ads to work.

You don’t just run off after the first time and conclude Facebook advertising doesn’t work or is not worth investing in.

At first I was almost discouraged from Facebook advertising as it seemed I was spending more for the result I was getting, but with more dedicated trials I have been able to find what works for me and ever since then I have been getting surprising results daily.

I have also seen a massive growth in my earnings since I found what works for me on Facebook advertisement.

Facebook advertising: Is it worth investing in?

So I say Facebook Advertisement is totally worth my investment. You just need to find what works for you by targeting the right audience.


What is your experience with Facebook advertisement? What are your challenges of Facebook advertising? Has it worked for you?

Share your experience on Facebook advertisement on the comments below. If you have any questions to ask, go ahead and use the comment form below to ask your questions. I will be very glad to help you in any way I can.


  1. says

    Hi Desmond!

    Thanks writing, I will only come in from you concluding part of this article, well there are lots of challenges as you wanted to know, many people more to say me is a victim of this challenges, let’s take the low reach with high bid, I often ask my self, from what I saw in your screenshots above your spent is low however your reach is massive. Asking you how you done that will be another year of waiting believe me you wouldn’t what to share what ever it is, isn’t it? Well that’s that.

    You mentioned something related to the right audience how do one knows it’s working with the right audience,? Please can you answer that and I will everly come for my testimony..

    Thanks once again.

  2. says

    It is funny you already concluded i wont share my knowledge or experience of Facebook advertisement with you. All the same just as i mentioned severally in the article, getting the right audience is the different between succeeding and not while advertising on Facebook. Make good use of the tools like Age, Location and interest while placing your ads and watch as your reach improves or not.

  3. says

    Hello Nwosu,

    FB ads were very well received till the company tweaked it’s algorithm and the web went haywire. What business people and companies failed to see was that the tweak was to enable it favor more sponsored content than freelannders…

    [Maybe, the free guys wanted to crash it's servers with overwhelming content - lol].

    Few see things in the light you do…but I do. In a few days from now, I’ll be actively engaging in campaigns for my new business. My niche is in hot demand and I damn well know my prospective audience…it absolutely shouldn’t be a challenge.

    You rock, Nwosu. Do keep up your great work!


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