External Storage for Android Tablets

Even the most advanced tablets and phones have only 64GB worth of storage space, there are in fact very few tablet devices with more than such storage space and of course your tablet will become slow when you have used up the storage space available on it, thus the need for an external storage for your Android tablets.

External storage for Android tablets will allow you to store your entire media and access them from your Android tablets. You can store all your music and movies on the external storage for Android and stream them on your Android tablets easily.

External storage for Android tablets will provide you with a larger storage space for all your files so you do not have to panic when your internal storage space gets depleted. With external storage for Android tablets you do not have to worry about deleting any files because you have used up your internal storage space.

External storage for Android tablets does not just provide you with storage space but also gives you the freedom to carry your media library around easily. You can stream movies from your external drive with your friends as some of them allow simultaneous access of up to 5 devices at a time.

corsair voyager air

External Storage for Android Tablets

One of such external storage for Android tablets that stands out is the Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Wireless Mobile Storage with Ethernet (NAS). The Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Wireless Mobile Storage comes in two colors – Black and Red and also has storage capacity of 1TG and 500GB.

The Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Wireless Mobile Storage has inbuilt rechargeable battery which means it won’t deplete your Android tablet’s battery and you do not even need to connect via cable. You can even connect with up to 5 wireless devices at a time.

Simply download and install the Voyager Air app from the Google Play Store and connect your Android tablet or Android smartphone or any type of tablet at all and access your media library of videos, music and photos.  Also iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users can also use this device same way Android users do.

Another interesting thing about the Corsair Voyager Air external storage for Android tablets is the ease of file transfer from a PC, you do not need to waste a lot of time transferring your media files to this storage device. You can also password-protect your files and only allow access to devices via Wi-Fi with the correct authentication password.

external storage for android tablets - Corsair voyager air

Price: Check on Amazon

Now you can store and watch your movies from an external storage for Android tablets and never worry about memory on your tablet or smartphone again. You can either choose the 500GB or 1TG memory space. I will recommend this product for anyone out there looking to expand memory on his Android tablet or smartphones. It’s fun to sit and watch movies on your tablets with your friends.


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    thanks for introducing me with Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Wireless Mobile Storage Nvosu. Before reading this post I did not know whether there is any android device available for externally storing our content. Its really great that we now have option to externally store our less important data without having any difficulty in accessing it.

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    Man ! I can’t believe that there’s such storage for Android devices that can store upto 1TB of data .The world is changing ..many people would have already given up their computers and have started using Cell Phones .Thanks for making us aware of this new technology !


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    Hi Nwosu,

    This is damn serious, I don’t believe such a memory can be made available on Android, technology is taking a new phase, and in no time computer might become things of the past if care is not taken…

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    Hey Great bro which i have not aware of this before hope to do something with my android tablet because i spend my time more with tab

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